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An Intel insider’s perspective: More than just a PC company

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We’re known for our chips, but Intel is driving the future of groundbreaking technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and autonomous driving.

At Intel, our passion for transformative innovation is impacting businesses across every industry, and even society itself.

Our legacy is built by a large global network of incredibly talented people.  They are engineers, data scientists, problem-solvers. They drive the future of our company and of the world at large by solving some of the world’s most complex challenges and creating remarkable advancements for the good of all.

Below, three Intel innovators explain what they love about their work and how what they do impacts the world around them.

Hong, Director of Emerging Technology Center at Beijing’s Labs Center:

Hong1.pngSince joining Intel, Hong has discovered that a single job can lead to many possibilities. Her work in artificial intelligence (AI) involves risk-taking and optimism, and serves to impact not only the company’s future but those of every person on earth.

Hong2.png“I believe AI will help human beings achieve greater freedom. For example, my team is working on robotics. This technology will help remove the burden of labor for individuals across many industries, including factories, food processing, and even healthcare. With the aid of robots, humans will have more time to create new things and pursue other interests.”

Xiaowen, 5G Software Architect at Shanghai’s Network Platform Group (NPG)

Xiaowen1.pngWhen Xiaowen joined Intel, he was impressed by his colleagues’ talent and the cool technology they created. Now he’s part of the team and excited to help build the future of fast and efficient connectivity.

Xiaowen2.png“NPG is leading a network transformation with the latest cloud technology. My team and the work we do is guiding the evolution of the telecom network, directly challenging lots of world-class level players, and breaking open an old, closed system. We enable easier access to information and we can connect more devices. At the end of the day, we bring everything and everyone in our world closer together.”

Hua, Fab68 Area Manager at Dalian’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG):

Hua1.pngHua and her team are focused on developing next-generation memory solutions. She values having the opportunity to touch so many lives, as well as the dedication, collaborative nature, and competitive spirit that’s unique to the Memory Solutions Group in Dalian.

Hua2.png“NSG Dalian significantly impacts the world. From a people perspective, our group has cultivated a vast array of talented semiconductor professionals for the industry. From a product perspective, our memory solutions are found in products used by people every day around the world.”

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