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“I’m motivated by every aspect of my job at Intel. I’m constantly inspired by how our work is changing the world. Also, I’m collaborating with industry-leading professionals on a daily basis.” 

Ilya Belyakov is a Software Engineering Manager. When he started as an intern, Ilya says he immediately recognized the potential for growth with Intel. Prior to his current project, he worked on multiple innovative projects, including Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ and Intel® RealSense™ SDK, as well as contributing to autonomous driving technologies within the BMW, Mobileye and Intel partnership. We caught up with Ilya to hear more about his exciting career journey.


What is your role at Intel?

I’m an Engineering Manager responsible for OpenVINO™ Deep Learning Streamer (DL Streamer). My responsibilities include forming and managing a team, mentoring and coaching engineers, setting individual and team goals, and influencing product direction.

What technologies do you and your group work on?

We create the framework for software developers who build video analytics solutions that utilize a combination of media decoding and processing, deep learning inference and classic computer vision capabilities. It provides the same programming interface on a variety of Intel CPU, GPU and accelerator platforms; from low power edge devices like smart IP cameras, to powerful cloud setup. DL Streamer helps support more streams with better latency and higher performance, while greatly reducing development time.

What challenges are you meeting / what problems are you solving?

The main challenge is providing a single, high-level API for software developers, while also making sure it works well across different types of hardware. We help to align efforts across Intel, ensuring code reuse and consistency of Intel’s external software products. This is the key value our team brings to Intel’s customers.

How is your work impacting the future?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere—it’s the future. Intel is designing world-leading hardware that supports and accelerates AI. Our team enables developers to utilize it for their AI needs. We enable our customers to create smarter AI for less investment. This has a direct impact on the world we live in and will most certainly change the future.

What makes your group successful?

We have great talent on our team. We are focused on forming teams that work well together, not just as individuals. This cooperation within and across teams and business units at Intel makes it possible for our technology to move forward at speed.

What motivates you to come to work?

I’m motivated by every aspect of my job at Intel. I’m constantly inspired by how our work is changing the world. Also, I’m collaborating with industry-leading professionals on a daily basis. Intel provides competitive compensation and a great benefits package, which helps employees to focus on the exciting work to be done. They actually care about each employee’s health and well-being.

Why did you join Intel?

Nine years ago, when I was considering the job, I already had the perception that Intel was the best employer in my city. I applied to other companies, but I always knew that if Intel offered me a position, I would take it. Their reputation and the potential for technical growth were extremely attractive. I wanted to work somewhere that I could make a meaningful contribution. The majority of other local companies are still small, with a less significant impact on the world.

Tell us about your career progression at Intel.

Once I was here, things moved really fast. I worked for one year as an intern before becoming a full-time engineer. Over the next six years I worked on multiple projects. I learned leadership skills by practicing Scrum Mastership and Product Ownership, leading a few small projects and progressing to bigger projects. After that, I became an Engineering Manager, taking on responsibility for people, team and work environment management. I believe Intel provides every employee with the opportunity to grow, and I clearly see how these opportunities present themselves to me and the engineers on my team.

Have you experienced any pleasant surprises since you joined Intel?

In general, I think people underestimate the value they can bring to Intel—and the entire industry—by working here. Even as an individual software engineer, you’re making a big difference. People might underestimate how fast they can progress their career in this innovative environment. I was especially impressed by the internal incubation programs that allow you to apply for a leadership role on an internal start-up project, with start-up ideas being selected by special committee.

What do you appreciate about working at Intel in Russia?

We have a great team of exceptional professionals with unique skill sets. I think there is a positive emphasis on diversity and inclusion, too. The culture at Intel encourages you to be fearless and take risks, which is pretty unique compared to other local companies. Employees at Intel Russia know they are valued and encouraged to believe in their own potential for growth.


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