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Building a More Diverse & Inclusive Intel: Frazer Tee

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Frazer Tee


BIOS Engineer specializing in Memory Reference Code

“In a company like Intel that places so much value on innovation and creativity, having a diverse workforce is essential to ensuring our teams are able to examine challenges and handle day-to-day complexity from every angle.”

Frazer Tee was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and received his BS degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering from University of Alaska, Anchorage. His mother is a member of the Inupiaq Native American tribe in the northwest region of Alaska and his father emigrated from Burma to the U.S. with his family.

As an American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Scholar in 2012 and Student Chapter President at his university, Frazer had an opportunity to connect directly with prospective employers as well as Native American engineers and scientists who had already graduated and worked in the industry. They served as valuable mentors and it was at an AISES National Conference career fair that he met members of Intel’s Native American Network employee resource group.

Frazer has been an engineer with Intel for more than three years and would like to see even more Native Americans join the tech industry, bringing with them a unique sense of community that helps shape a great workplace culture and builds teamwork to make amazing things possible.

To Native Americans interested in pursuing a career in tech, he offers the following advice: Don’t be afraid to rely on those who have come before you. There are many Native Americans with a variety of backgrounds who have made it through university studying STEM degrees. Through programs like AISES you can find mentors who have experienced the same struggles when entering the workforce and those who still face issues being the only Native American on their team or in their company.

Learn more at intel.com/diversity
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