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Building a More Diverse & Inclusive Intel: Megan Stowe

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Megan Stowe


Director of EMEA Corporate Strategic Procurement and the International Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Program

“We have had a huge opportunity to educate all of our suppliers and share best practices. When we do business with diverse-owned companies, the economic impact to that country, region or city is amazing. We are helping to provide jobs and that money is then spent back in the local community.”

Megan Stowe is originally from Zimbabwe but moved to South Africa when she was 10.  Her grandmother was one of the first female science teachers in Ireland and her mother worked with Dr. Barnard, the first doctor ever to do a heart transplant, so she was surrounded by high achieving female role models from childhood. She attended the University of Cape Town, where she studied medicine.

Growing up in South Africa, Megan always strived to understand the issues people with different backgrounds faced and tried to bring different cultures and ethnicities together. She believes diversity is an important part of life. She’s found that people of different backgrounds can bring unique and valuable perspectives, offering a more rounded and complete picture.

Megan started her career working for Intel in Australia. 22 years later, she has held several different roles spanning three countries. Impressed by the work being done on supplier diversity in the United States, Megan and her team decided to begin implementing supplier diversity and inclusion in the international space seven years ago.

She is currently on the board of WeConnect International, a global organization that certifies and connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world, and has helped expand Intel’s International supplier diversity work to 17 countries. She also spearheaded Intel’s commitment at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival to spend $100M with women-owned businesses over the next three years. She now the director of EMEA Corporate Strategic Procurement and the International Supplier Diversity & Inclusion program in the U.K.

Megan actively mentors and sponsors colleagues internally and works with other organizations to mentor female managers.

Learn more at intel.com/diversity
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