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Career Chat with Suzuki Kunimasa, Country Manager of Intel Japan

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Inclusive and interactive platforms of communication are integral to the Intel Japan employee experience. Under the leadership of Suzuki Kunimasa, Country Manager and VP of Sales, Marketing and Communications, the company has successfully leveraged and incorporated employee-initiated collaborative knowledge sharing sessions into its conventional communication channels. We sat down with Suzuki to find out how these platforms continue to inspire innovation and camaraderie among employees, driving long-term positive change throughout Intel Japan.


Establishing 360-degree, open communication

“Intel Japan’s primary asset is our employees,” affirms Suzuki from the very beginning of the conversation. “They offer us their expertise, capabilities and love for our company.”

This emphasis on employee value forms the cornerstone of the Country Manager’s approach to people management, refined over a career spanning 35 years to date. “During this time, I have learnt that when we’re striving for success, it’s vital to build a capable team that works well together,” says Suzuki. To foster more synergy, Intel Japan has adopted the approach of “Communication, communication, and communication!”, ensuring information flow is comprehensive and consistent within the company.

More than just an idea peddled to colleagues and employees, Suzuki is personally and professionally invested in the execution of this approach. As a leader who believes in the power of shared knowledge, Suzuki sees this as the key to Intel Japan’s chances of securing a market ripe with prospects and opportunities. “It’s important for everyone at Intel Japan to understand the full story—what’s going on inside and outside of their organisation,” he relates. “Our team members need to understand their unique roles and how their performance impacts Intel.”

In addition to the usual all-hands meetings where leadership addresses employees, Intel Japan has introduced a series of employee-hosted forums where participants can discuss a multitude of topics. These interactive online sessions are usually 60 minutes long and are open to all employees. Suzuki shares excitedly that employees across departments and offices at Intel Japan have since deliberated on various issues relating to technology, AI, quantum computing, professionalism and ethics, sustainability, and even company performance.

“These sessions have been well-received due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the work-from-home arrangement. These forums remind our colleagues that they are part of one big company, Intel Japan—especially when people are working remotely over a long period of time,” he notes. “What we are doing essentially is providing them with a platform to communicate and learn from each other. It is vital for us to listen to our employees and understand their ideas, thoughts and concerns.”


Investing in your personal potential

 Suzuki’s advice to young adults is informed by 17 years of work experience in management positions outside of Japan. His two tips are:

  1. Be curious about everything.

 “No matter how old you are, I would like to encourage you to be curious and continue to be curious. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s—indulge your sense of curiosity and keep it alive. Ask questions and wonder about how things work. In the long run, your sense of curiosity will keep you well and active into your senior years.”

  1. There is always something to learn from failure. 

“It’s easy to be discouraged when you or your team make mistakes. In my experience being a leader and being part of a team, I’ve found that the best thing to do when failures happen is to learn from your mistakes and move on stronger. When you encounter failure, it’s important to analyse the situation and review your performance or the course of action taken. A good leader needs to be able to perform an impartial analysis on the cause of failure for the benefit and growth of the team.

“Sometimes, failures are not caused by your mistakes, but due to external factors or risks. Having recognised these, you’ll be able to anticipate, prepare and better manage said risk in the future.”

In his leisure time, Suzuki enjoys discovering new wine pairings, golfing, and photography. He candidly shares that the two pieces of advice above also apply to how he pursues these hobbies.


Why Intel Japan?

When discussing Intel Japan as a choice for both professionals and fresh graduates, Suzuki enthuses:

When you land a position with us, you’re not only securing a job at a desk in an office. You have become a part of the Intel Japan family—you’ll have free access to knowledge, information, connections and opportunities.”

He also highlights the company’s current standing and prospects. “Intel Japan has tremendous potential and room for business growth. Today, Japan stands as the third-largest economy in the world, with 53 Japan-based companies listed in the Fortune Global 500 (FG500),” observes Suzuki. “While these Japan FG500 customers are traditional OEM (original equipment manufacturers), most of them are looking to transform their OEM businesses into software, services, and solutions.”

As a leading technology player in Japan, Intel is distinguished by our unique positioning: our perspective has always been one of growing industries and building social infrastructure through business operations, rather than selling products.

“Combined with Intel’s vision for the Asia Pacific region, I believe there are great opportunities for Intel Japan to partner with these FG500 companies in accelerating their transformation journey. So, it’s an exciting time to join us at Intel Japan!”


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