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Discounts, facials, fitness centers—Just some of our favorite perks at Intel

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Guest blogger: Nisha Desai from from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications Team

Intel employees enjoy numerous benefits and perks, from bonuses to free coffee. Some are global, others are found only at a particular site. Here, in their own words, employees around the world describe the Intel perk they most enjoy, on the job and off.

Share with us in comments below: what is your favorite perk you have heard of or experienced that a company offers?

Melissa, Purchasing Specialist in Costa Rica

Favorite perk: I like using the new wellness center to workout without paying and having also great quality of equipment and personnel. It keeps up my motivation to be healthy. I love it.

Glen, Information Technology Web Operations Project Manager in the United Kingdom

Favorite perk: The Great Place to Work events are a pleasant surprise and a great perk! They offer anything from free sports or movie tickets to picnics and golf outings. It’s great to do something fun and know that Intel is the reason. In the UK, we recently had a celebration for the royal wedding in our office.

Julie, Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance) in Santa Clara, CA

Favorite perk: I used the onsite spa for a facial—this one was top quality. It was also much cheaper than the high quality spas out there. This is a great new perk for both men and women by bringing some relaxation and pampering into your day.

Harlina, Process Engineer in Malaysia

Favorite perk: Traveling to nearly a dozen sites for various projects and training sessions. It’s my favorite perk because rather than getting stuck under the same roof and thinking with the same thinking cap, traveling makes it easier to understand how other sites or the other sides of the world work.

Ekaterina, Software Developer in Russia

Favorite perk: The music corner is a great place to have fun with friends. Playing music together works even better than teambuilding. Also, music helps to switch your thoughts from hard work and get a fresh look at it.

Chitra, Application Developer in Santa Clara, CA

Favorite perk: The Intel Vault Card offers discounts on shopping and restaurants. At many good restaurants, the deal is “buy one entrée and get the next entrée free” so I get to eat dinner in restaurants rather often. For a person who does not like cooking too much, this is heaven-sent!

Bharati, Information Technology Administrative Assistant in India

Favorite perk: It is great to see that Intel cares not only for its employees, but also for their families. Intel Scholarship for Employees’ Children launched this year in India and will help my son Asuthosh’s higher education dreams turn into a reality. He is gearing up to pursue his career in aviation engineering.

Alexandre, Investment manager in Brazil

Favorite perk: Fresh fruit in the morning is a delicious habit. Also, I truly believe that the free fruit makes a positive difference to the office environment. A healthy employee is a happier and more productive employee.

Allan, Manufacturing Technician in Costa Rica

Favorite perk: I really enjoyed participating in a race organized by Intel some weeks ago. This was my first race ever. I always wanted to run with a clown wig, and so as soon as I signed up for the race, I went to buy one. Reaching the finish line was what I enjoyed most because it was a personal challenge.

Aleksey, Software Quality Engineer in Russia

Favorite perk: I like being active at the sports ground in the parking lot with my colleagues. It helps me get to know my colleagues and feel a sense of team spirit not only in the office space, but also on the playground. The convenient location next to the office enables us to set up a flexible schedule of our sport trainings and games, which matches a working schedule nicely.

Jackie, Fab/Sort Manufacturing Site Organization Capability Program Manager in Arizona

Favorite perk: I love Intel’s matching grant program because I am able to volunteer time to my daughter’s school sponsored team and earn money for them at the same time! It’s a great way to give back to the community. Thanks Intel!

Share with us in comments below: what is your favorite perk you have heard of or experienced that a company offers?

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