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From Intel Intern to Employee: Krupa Ravi’s Career Journey

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In this continuing blog series we spoke with several employees at Intel India who graduated from different universities around India to discuss how college graduates can achieve a career-best experience at Intel.


A college graduate herself, Krupa Ravi has first-hand knowledge on starting her career at Intel. In May 2018, Krupa graduated from Tata Institute of Social Sciences at Mumbai with a master’s degree in Human Resources Management. Krupa is part of the HR Pathways Program at Intel, a leadership program for initiating fresh college graduates. Working with the Global Talent Acquisition (GTA) team in her first rotation, Krupa focuses on campus engagement in India. Before joining the company, Krupa interned with Intel while in college.

“I was an intern at Intel during the summer of 2017, after which I was given a pre-placement offer to join Intel, after graduating. In my first rotation with the Global Talent Acquisition team, I have had a beautiful platter of challenging projects. I get to apply what I learned from disciplines I trained in at college to the workplace. The interface between theory and practice at Intel has been fascinating so far. The HR Pathways Program at Intel has been the perfect place to apply learnings from domains such as Organizational Development, Change Management, Organizational Behavior, Behavioral Economics, Organizational Sociology, Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence. I now get to manage stakeholders, take initiative, and play a part in improving processes and the people-process interface on a daily basis.”


When asked if she had any advice for current interns, Krupa says that their fresh perspective and enthusiasm is always welcome, and encourages interns to challenge the status quo. “It is about completely applying yourself to the projects and donning a positive attitude with the people you are working with. Irrespective of whether your project bombs or succeeds, it is critical to ensure that you learn fast from old mistakes and make new mistakes.” Outside of work, Krupa is an Indian classical dancer, continuing to train, teach, and perform across the globe. Krupa is also an avid tennis player and shares, “At Intel, I’ve been lucky to find ace tennis players who are also friends off court, and we manage to catch up on a couple of sets every week at the court on campus.”

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