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From Intern to Full-Time Employee: One Data Scientist’s Journey at Intel India

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Hear from Satyam Patidar, a data scientist in the Supply Chain Enabling Solutions (SCES) team within the Global Supply Chain Operations (GSCO) group, as he talks about finding meaningful support in professional and personal realms at the workplace.

Satyam Patidar started as an intern with Intel India during his MTech days at the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Lucknow in May 2021. He was interning in the Innovation Labs of GSCO in the machine learning and data engineering domains. Post his internship, he joined the team in a full-time role as a data scientist, despite the multiple offers he had in hand, including an international placement opportunity.

We spoke to him about what attracts next-gen talent to India and how workplace wellbeing is becoming increasingly consequential in fostering a healthier culture for holistic growth.

What motivated you to continue with Intel after graduation?

The culture that I witnessed in Intel, the kind of work-life balance, the technologies on which we were working and the brilliant engineers around me – this combination is almost impossible to be provided at a fresher level in any organization.

Furthermore, quite early on I realized that the leadership here is amazing. You just have to voice your concerns, and they will be addressed in no time. So, Intel became my home in a very short time.

An intern then, a full-time employee now. How do you see the experience evolving?

During my internship, I was working on predictive modeling, statistics, machine learning, data engineering and other data analysis techniques to collect, explore and extract insights from structured and unstructured data. In my current role, I focus on time series analysis, statistical modeling, machine learning and data engineering – I’m what you may call a full-stack data scientist. As a team, we develop solutions and applications after applying statistical techniques to data, performing large-scale experimentations and building data-driven apps to translate data into intelligence. We solve a variety of business problems and enable business strategy.

When I was an intern, I was working from Bhopal, my hometown, due to the pandemic. So, I couldn’t be at the office physically and it was a completely remote experience. However, I am a very social person and quite enthusiastic in terms of participating and organizing events. In my full-time role and with people returning to offices, I can now bring my whole self to work and I’m loving the complete Intel experience.

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 Your journey with Intel had an uneven start, fraught with health challenges. Let’s talk about your transition from struggles to strengths.

Yes, I was going through medical conditions when I landed in the silicon city of Bengaluru. Within a week, I was diagnosed with a serious condition that needed immediate surgery. So, just after a month of joining Intel as a full-time employee, I was on long-term sick leave. During the entire period, the kind of support I received from my manager was absolutely incredible. The medical insurance provided by the company helped me recover almost all the expenses. My team and manager came to see me at my flat, which was a touching gesture for me.

As I recovered from my surgery, I was going through some personal issues which were impacting my work, daily life and health. I raised the concern with the HR team, and they immediately assigned me a counselor through the Modern Health app. I was amazed how quickly, after just four sessions, I was back on track, reenergized and rejuvenated!

We are glad Satyam found support in his manager, team, leadership and overall ecosystem when he needed it.

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