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From interns to innovators: people going the distance with Intel

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Ranging from people who have recently started their journeys post internships to those with Intel for decades, these are their inspiring stories. Read about the achievements of these interns-turned-employees as they are contributing to Intel’s success.


We’re taking a moment to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions and remarkable journeys of interns turned full-time employees at Intel. These individuals have embarked on a path of growth, learning and development, showcasing their talent and dedication throughout their careers. From their initial steps as interns to their current roles, they have demonstrated the power of passion, hard work and the boundless opportunities within the Intel community. Join us as we delve into the transformative experiences of these talented individuals and take away their advice for the fresh interns.


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Sean’s internship at Intel expanded his horizons with global exposure across domains

"The cutting-edge nature of our projects ensures a constant stream of challenging yet rewarding work. During my time here, I've had the incredible opportunity to explore various fields and develop expertise in diverse areas, ranging from next-generation wireless technologies and audio/video processing to emotion detection, biometric sensing, client device features, smart mobility, cloud SaaS, security, all while enjoying the occasional game of foosball in the office!

Intel has provided me with international exposure, allowing me to work in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, which has broadened both my professional and cultural outlook. I received an opportunity to work on products that actually influence people’s lives. From wireless communication and client device technologies to make lives easier and more efficient to my current project which improves safety on roads."

Advice for new interns at Intel

"Don't overly worry about conversion or advancing to the next level – it occurs naturally when you remain dedicated to your work and prioritize the team's and Intel's interests.”


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Alicia's internship unlocked her personal growth and professional success

"My career at Intel began with an internship in the finance team, supporting Malaysia Design Center (MDC). During this time, I received valuable coaching and the freedom to develop an internship project proposal. Joining as a full-time finance analyst in July 2010, I deepened my understanding of the connection between business and numbers in accounting. I explored various roles, including general accounting, entity accounting, payroll accounting and more. Collaborating with global peers enriched my perspective, and I traveled to different sites for face-to-face interactions. Work became enjoyable, thanks to the flexibility, rotational opportunities and great learning at Intel."

Advice for new interns at Intel

"Stay curious, embrace new opportunities and never shy away from pushing boundaries."


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Versatility and cross-functionality: highlights of Thuy’s fruitful internship at Intel

"From my time as an intern to where I am now, I've held various roles within the company. I spent two years as a module engineer, followed by one and a half years as a technical supervisor, then half a year as a production industrial engineer, and approximately seven years as a quality representative for the department. This rotation of roles provided me with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing from different perspectives. It allowed me to learn about diverse processes, business requirements and different roles and responsibilities. Moreover, it helped me identify my areas of strength and find the roles that suited me best. It's important to be open to learning new things when you're young, as all these experiences will contribute to your future success."

Advice for new interns at Intel

"Believe in yourself more than anyone else, try to learn as much as possible and don’t forget to enjoy the internship."


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Two internships across multiple teams and the opportunity of a lifetime: Junjie’s path-breaking career at Intel

"During my first internship at Intel, I had the chance to work on real-world system software, which was an exciting experience for me. Initially, I started with tasks like bug fixing and performance testing. However, within a couple of months, I was given opportunities to develop new features for the Linux kernel and contribute them upstream. In the latter part of my internship, I collaborated with principal engineers on innovative ideas that were eventually published in a prestigious computer architecture journal.

For my second internship, I joined a different team where I had the opportunity to delve into the study of the quality of the Linux kernel on a large scale. This topic aligned perfectly with my research interests, making it an enriching experience. As I transitioned into full-time employment with Intel, my technological exposure expanded even further. I got involved in a wide range of areas, including client virtualization, functional safety and server partitioning. Every day at Intel is a new challenge, one that I eagerly look forward to. With the support of my team and top-notch mentorship, I feel that my mission at Intel is just getting started."

Advice for new interns at Intel

"Believe in yourself and learn how to communicate effectively. It will pave the way for success, wherever you go."

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Hands-on learning and real-time implementation: pillars of Eunwoo’s internship at Intel

"When I joined Intel, my first task was to enable a new feature for our product. It turned out to be different from what I expected based on what my friends had told me about internships. Instead of receiving trivial assignments, I was given a valuable opportunity to enhance my skills. This experience not only helped me improve my general use case knowledge but also taught me how to ensure seamless functionality in edge cases and restricted user environments. Moreover, it provided me with valuable insights on teamwork, which was quite different from my university experience. Intel's exceptional company culture and emphasis on hands-on experience allowed me to gain important knowledge in the field."

Advice for new interns at Intel

"Don't hesitate just because you're an intern, everyone is capable of achieving great things."

From interns to integral team members, these extraordinary individuals, and many others like them, have left an indelible mark on the company and continue to shape the future of technology. Today, we celebrate their achievements and extend our heartfelt congratulations for their remarkable journey at Intel. Here's to the interns who dared to dream, embraced challenges and turned their aspirations into reality at Intel – a testament to the power of talent and endless possibilities.

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