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Malcolm Prinn is a Software Engineer for the Intel Communication and Devices Group (iCDG). He is located in Munich, Germany.

Malcolm started his Intel career in Ireland, working there for three years before moving to Munich and starting his current position as a Software Engineer for 5G Connectivity. Malcolm talks highly of the opportunities available to him and the focus that Intel places on self-development and the development of others.

"At Intel, we have the possibility to change positions and to do exactly what I did: go from working in Ireland on one technology to living and working in Germany on something wholly different.

I appreciate the chance to work at different sites around the world, either permanently or temporarily through the development opportunity tool.

I’ve been involved with some outreach programs, teaching transition year students and university students alike, and I presented at the OpenIoT Summit in Berlin."

Malcolm also appreciates the competitive benefits that Intel offers its employees, enabling them to live and work at their best. Personally, he takes a long term view.

"When it comes to Intel’s benefits, I like the idea of small sacrifices now for large gains in the future. Examples of these are the Stock Purchase Plan or the sabbatical possibilities, where you are rewarded for having a little bit of patience."

Malcolm says his previous perception of Intel – similar to that of his peers – was of a microprocessor manufacturing company. He was unaware of how Intel is building the technology of the future in areas such as connectivity, IoT, AI, autonomous driving, virtual reality, and more.

"Before I began working at Intel, I didn’t know that there were any software developers here at all; I thought it was just hardware design. Since then I’ve happily been proven wrong. Intel is constantly striving to push the boundaries of computing, making everyday tasks faster and easier, developing new technologies such as smarter cars to help reduce congestion in cities."

The positive impact that Intel has on the world, the tangible ways in which the public benefit from the products that Malcolm works on and the quality of his colleagues are key to Malcom’s job satisfaction.

"One of the best things about working at Intel are the people I get to interact with every day. There’s a real collection of intellect, talent, and genuinely nice people that make coming to work great, and foster a productive work environment."

What makes me proud and excited to go to work is the knowledge that once a product is released, the public can use it daily.

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