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HR Pathways: Transforming from my First Rotation into my Second!

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Over the last few months, I have heard the word transformation being said in staff meetings and in 1:1 conversations with colleagues. I have heard it being used to transform employees and business groups alike. I have not read the official definition of transformation, but in my own words I think that a person transforms by melding to the changes that surround them, while being able to stay true to their core beliefs and values. I feel like I have been transforming ever since I started to work at Intel. First, when I moved to Oregon from Arizona. Second, when I transitioned from a full time student to a full time employee. And, third, when I finished my first rotation in Business Group HR(BGHR)and moved into my second rotation in Compensation.

In my first rotation, I worked closely with the business groups that I supported. I would say that my tasks were similar to that of an adviser or consultant. I attended the business groups’ staff meetings, presented on HR updates, and handled employee relations questions. I felt that this rotation really played on my passions and strengths. But when I heard that I was going to be moving into compensation for my second rotation, nerves set in as I realized that I would be working on more projects, leaning on Excel spreadsheets to do my analysis and working in a virtual group, meaning that a lot of our team work would be done remotely. My nerves, turned into slight fear and I started to get anxious. However, I started to remember the buzz I had been hearing about transformation. I said to myself, in my Wowza voice, “Mona, you need to transform.” I scheduled 1:1’s with college graduates who had done rotations in compensation before me to learn from them and their experience. That is one of the perks of the HR Pathways program. I have been able to build a network of advisers from the previous HR Pathways program graduates, and ask questions, seek advice and even bounce ideas off of them.

Fast forward to present day: I have been in my second rotation for over a month now. The projects that I am working on deal with comparing compensation data from other companies, building Excel documents and working with numbers more than with people. It is a bit challenging, but rewarding at the same time. I am learning a new skill, building on my Excel experience and working on my business acumen at the same time. Oh, and did I mention that I get to work with a great team? In true HR Pathways style, I get to work with a very smart set of individuals from all over the globe that are guiding me and supporting me through my transformation. Nerves and fear have transformed into excitement and amazement over working on skills that have room to improve.

After being in Compensation for a month now, and my previous 1:1’s with previous HR Pathways graduates, I realized that I needed to embrace my transformation, reminding myself that transformations are not meant to be comfortable. That by design they should take us out of our comfort zones, and more importantly, that they are inevitable.