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Happy 2009...and a half?

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Is it me or has time been whizzing past? It’s July?! That means we’re more than half way through 2009 (...what were my New Years’ resolutions again?...), summer is in full-gear, and this blog has been up for three months now?!

Three months. Seems like just yesterday we, the blog team, were figuring out what we wanted this blog to achieve. If you’ve been following us for a bit, you’ll notice we have had a few changes from when we first launched. Notice the nifty widgets on the right-hand side? Cue ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ Pretty cool, eh? If you’re not following us on Twitter yet (and you should!) there’s a little widget to keep you posted on what we have been up to… including all the hot jobs we’ve posted. You can also see what other readers have said about the blog with the “Recent Comments” widget. Want to see more of the bloggers? The Flickr link will take you to our Flickr* account where you can see pictures of our bloggers having fun!

From kicking the blog off with a welcome post to posts on internships in the US, internships in the UK and most recently, internships in China. Dani helped students understand why posting your resume online really helps, Keith talked about wellness initiatives at Intel and Steve shed some light on how Intel's technology really does touch our day-to-day life across different nations and backgrounds! And there’s still more to come! If you have questions or topics you want us to cover, let us know by commenting on current blog posts and we will work on closing those gaps.

Until then, thank you for reading so far; I look forward to talking to you again soon!
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