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Having fun while making the world more secure

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This blog was posted on behalf of Justyna Chilczuk, a software engineering manager at Intel Gdansk, who is working as part of the Platform Security Division in the Software and Services Group (SSG). The Platform Security Division develops new technologies that increase security of Intel® solutions and platforms.

Before starting my career at Intel, I knew Intel was a technology leader and the best employer in the region. The team I was about to join, which develops web services that increase security of Intel®-based platforms, had a status of being exceptionally talented, open minded, and performing highly.

Say hello to Cloud, Security, Audio, AI, and Agile

Today Intel Poland is all about software across the stack, not just CPUs, drivers, and low-level programming. We have 2,000 people separated into small, agile teams that work autonomously and self-manage projects in everything from BIOS, firmware, and drivers to AI programming, cloud, security, and audio.

Changing the World with Trust

My group is a team of security experts who work together to deliver products customers need.  We are cloud software engineers, full stack developers, and polyglots. We’re passionate about what we do and where we work.

Intel has a track of record for technological breakthroughs. Technological progress serves humanity only when it is secure, otherwise it can become a weapon used against us. We provide a high level of security with hardware root-of-trust, and we enable software applications to use it. We are helping make the world more secure and trustworthy place to live in.

King of the Mountain

For a passionate technologist, the work can be a lot of fun; last month the PSD team organized a “Capture the Flag” contest for our Intel Poland engineers. They had 48 hours to solve nineteen hacking challenges designed by our security researchers. The winner spent 35 hours and solved all challenges, and was the only person to complete the final, and most difficult, task before going to bed at 5 am and missing the award ceremony. Special recognitions “Night Rider” went to the engineer who solved most of the challenges during the night time and “King of the Mountain” to another engineer who solved a record number of tasks in the shortest period of time.

A Sense of Community

As a member of PSD, I personally enjoy volunteering, giving back to my community, and team building events that help others such as the Pomeranian Wizard, a yearly programming contest for children that my team leads. Not to mention incentives such as quality quarterlies, carnival balls, picnics, and musical theater tickets where we can go with our families in bigger groups to share friendship, play in multisport events or swimming pools, and enjoy free fruit and beverages. I am a big fan of these!

Best Place to Work for Me

I am fascinated with the capabilities of the human mind and am inspired by the future. Thus I love to concentrate on people management and developing technology that enriches our lives, like Intel® Software Guard Extensions which is revolutionizing cloud by allowing confidential workload processing at scale. I am extremely proud to have a team whose mission is to increase security for Intel® solutions. That’s why Intel is the best place for me.

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