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Highlighting Our Culture: Female Technical Day at Intel Poland

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Walk into any technology company and you’ll notice a trend across all of them: there are more males than females in technical roles. While the number of females at technology companies has increased over the years, we were determined to do our part to help showcase what working at a tech company is like for females to prospective candidates. Last year in Gdansk, among all newly hired employees only 10% of them were women! We’ve heard that sometimes female students do not want to apply for an internship at Intel because they could be the only female on their team. While this does happen, we wanted to showcase that it’s not as intimidating or as much of a bad thing as they may think. Intel Poland's Talent Delivery Team aimed to share what life at Intel is like by organizing Female Technical Day at Intel Technology Poland in Gdansk. What better way to do this than to bring in employees who lived through the experience themselves?!

The day started with a videoconference with two successful female engineers at Intel; Elena from Russia who currently manages a team of software developers in Intel IT and Rachel in Israel who works as a Software Engineer. The meeting with Rachel and Elena was a great opportunity for students to see how successful female engineers can be and how they have made a brilliant career at Intel while still having for family and personal life. The video conference made a big impression on our guests and was also a great example to how we connect with our colleagues from different Intel’s sites.

Connecting with other employees in a similar situation is one thing, but we also wanted to help our visitor picture themselves at Intel, as employees, and show them what they could do. We took groups on site tours, including a visit to a lab, as well as the restaurants, relaxation rooms, football and volleyball courts. The feedback was overwhelming, they all agreed that Intel is a great place to work!

The day didn’t end there. Lunchtime was a good opportunity to network with Staffing team members face to face over a tasty meal. After lunch, we brought in Katarzyna (Online Sales Center) and Maria (Datacenter Software Division) to share their career path and give students some tips on career planning. While career planning resonated well with the students on what their future could look like, we also wanted to give them some guidance that could be applied to their current student life. Two of our interns put together a presentation with tips on what should students focus on during their studies and how the internships at Intel are structured. Lastly, we brought in a Talent Advisor, Jakub, lead a session related to our application process, providing valuable practical information and a handful of tips on how to start your career with Intel.

I’m sure this all sounds great—but how did it really go? In true Intel fashion, we let the data from follow-up surveys talk and every single visitor said they would DEFINITELY recommend these types of events to their friends. 95% of them said that the event encouraged them to apply for a position at Intel! (If you’re interested in a role with Intel in Poland, check out our openings!)

Clearly, the event was a success and we plan on organizing more events like this in the future! It would be fantastic, but unrealistic, to provide this type of experience for all of our candidates at all of our sites—instead, connect with us online and we’ll do our best to give you a great experience and exposure to what it’s like to work at Intel.