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How Intel Helped this Vet Find a Job

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Note from the editor: Earlier we've had posts from Eric, a veteran working on Intel, about what it's like to work here and announcing the program , and  Jeff, a recruiter and instructor for one of the workshops, shared his experience from the January workshop. This piece about how Intel is helping Veterans find jobs was shared through our internal communication site and written by our guest blogger, Rob Kelton from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications team.

Raweewan, just returned from a six-month deployment surveying land and drafting maps in Afghanistan with the Virginia Air National Guard. Soon afterward, the 32-year-old found herself as one of 10 veterans who recently attended the first Intel Veterans’ Employment Training (Intel VET) workshop at Intel's Computer Clubhouse in Alexandria, Virginia.

As we announced in November 2011, Intel launched Intel VET in Virginia—the first in a pilot—to help U.S. veterans transition from the military to employment in the private sector.

raweewan_800.jpg Raweewan, veteran of the war in Afghanistan, attended the first Intel Veterans’ Employment Training (Intel VET) workshop. (Photo by Keith Feher of Employee Communications)

During the January 9-11 workshop, Raweewan and others received training and coaching on writing resumes, behavioral interviews, and job search techniques. Raweewan—who moved to Virginia from her native Thailand when she was 10 years old—wanted to share the following note with Intel employees:

"I am currently in Virginia Air National Guard at a unit called RED HORSE (Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers). I've recently returned from 6 months deployment to Afghanistan.

The transition was a bit difficult for me due to unexpected change in lifestyle and dealing with a change in relationship. It took some time to get back in sync to my loved ones. The most difficult part is keeping busy. I went from working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to not working at all. So, lately I've been very active with doing things for self-improvement.

The Intel VET workshop is a perfect example.

My first interview before I attended this workshop was a disaster. I wasn’t sure what to prepare for, just showing up and expecting I would get hired.

I enjoyed the workshop very much. The resume writing portion helped clarify a lot of what employers are looking for. What helped me the most out of this 3-day workshop is the behavior-based interview portion. The instructor gave us tips on what to prepare for the interview such as creating an agenda with 3-4 top job related qualities; what success stories we've had in the past; and why we need to capture it and how to use it to respond to some of the interview questions.

I am recommending this workshop to all of my friends from my unit as well as friends that will soon return home from deployment.

Thank you for allowing me to share this wonderful experience with you. I am glad I had this opportunity to learn and improve professionally. I do have an interview today and I am now very prepared!"

Editor’s note: Raweewan said her interview with the Department of Navy went very well, but they’re still in their decision-making process. As a follow-up this week, Raweewan states she had an interview with the Pentagon the week after she completed the January workshop and was offered a position, which she has accepted.  “The interview techniques coaching provided during the workshop was very helpful and the Pentagon stated they were really impressed with the way I handled myself. I’ve already told several of my veteran friends about this workshop and they want to sign up right away. Thank you Intel VET!”

We also held a successful workshop in February where one veteran commented, “Excellent instructor, thank you so much!!!!  Really good stuff.  This helps give me confidence to know the process can work if we work it.  Now I have better tools to go find a job and interview.” And now we're getting ready for our third workshop in March. For more information on the Intel VET program and on how to register for an upcoming workshop, go to the Intel VET website.  Registration deadline for the next workshop is March 2nd.  Seats are limited, so register now! Maybe you'll be our next success story!