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How Intel Malaysia Helped Usher in a New Era of Computing Performance - Part III

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joel-1015-3-2x1-1.pngIn this 3-part blog series, discover how Intel employees across design, manufacturing, and sales groups were involved in bringing to life a transformative technological advancement.


Launched early this September, Intel’s 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (formerly codenamed Tiger Lake) has taken the PC processor world by storm, heralding a new era of laptop performance. Optimizing power efficiency and running at significantly higher frequencies than its predecessors, it’s a technological leap so big that this is the largest performance gain yet within a process technology in the company’s history.

The product journey began three and half years ago and is the culmination of brilliance, perseverance, and teamwork that transcended global borders and time zones. It’s a product that Intel Malaysia is proud of, especially given its footprint and the number of key leadership roles Intel Malaysia it had in its development.

Get to know Kelvin Lum and learn how our customers’ needs played a vital role in the development and adoption of this new and exciting product.

Kelvin Lum, Sales Manager – APJ Inside Sales
“The codename Tiger Lake itself excites me. “Tiger” symbolizes courage, strength, and dignity. It’s a product that we’ve all been looking forward to, and we believe it’s going to drive product and technology leadership in the market.”

As part of the APJ Inside Sales team, Kelvin’s role involves understanding customers’ needs and channeling these insights into the business units during the product definition phase. During the early engagement stage, customers are convinced to adopt the new product and technology by factoring them into designs. Through the Early Access Program, key customers get early design collaterals and timely technical support from Intel, which then accelerates their development cycle and time-to-market.

“We are honored to witness the 11th gen Intel Core processor products launched by our customers. We feel proud to be part of the catalyst realizing our company’s purpose, which is to create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth,” says Kelvin.

Besides being a compelling product and meeting its commitment to customers, Kelvin believes that the 11th Gen Intel Core processor will be a turning point for Intel and everyone involved, especially given how challenging the year has been for both the company and the world.

He also feels his experience is a good lesson to share for those looking to grow a career in the tech industry. “The Sales & Marketing Group is a great and fun place to learn. You can learn about the company’s many technologies and solutions, dive into the company’s core values, and reach out to a vast network. It offers the exposure of working across different business units, a diverse culture, and the chance to build the capability of customer influence and eventually become a trusted advisor to customers. And in doing so, you can craft a greater career path.”


Want to learn more about the design and manufacturing work that helped launch the 11th Gen Intel Core processor? Read Part I and Part II of this series.


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