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How Intel Offered This Software Developer Unlimited Opportunities to Refuel His Engineering Passion

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Familiarity can be good, but when familiarity with your career turns monotonous, it can be unmotivating. For Kishore Chittudi, working in the same company, on the same project for three years led him to want to discover new opportunities that could refuel his passion.


Intel was an aspirational company for Kishore—a company where he felt he would be surrounded and supported by people who are “really passionate about technology and passionate about the things they do that will impact the rest of the world.” And that’s exactly what he found—alongside the chance to challenge himself with unfamiliar roles.

While his background was in development and test automation, in his six and a half years at Intel, Kishore has leveraged his core skillset to pursue a variety of opportunities. In doing so, he’s grown his skills across technologies and projects, from wireless tech and 5G to system integration and validation. And the pandemic hasn’t stopped him and his team from continuing to create technologies that have been needed during this challenging time.

Kishore’s team found that Intel enabled them to proactively develop roles and processes to enhance their productivity, while staying safe. Kishore describes the new way his team is working as different, but effective. While he and other team members are working remotely, the lab continues to run seamlessly. “We have some folks onsite who can help in the lab, getting the setups ready, helping in different ways, and connecting different things.” Even with remote work, the team continues to strive to maintain work-life balance while making sure every customer gets the best products and experience.

What’s the secret to Kishore’s ongoing success? He credits being passionate about engineering and having supportive managers and leaders who provide the freedom to learn and try something new. “Oh no, you don’t do that,” is not a phrase he has heard at Intel. According to Kishore, getting to work with people who share his growth mindset and exuberance for trying new things has been a great career win.


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