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How do those ingenious recruiters find me?!

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Have you ever gotten a random call or email from a recruiter, knowing you don’t have a resume published online, and wonder how or where they found you? Today’s short post is dedicated to giving you some insights on a few places recruiters look for people that don’t actually post a resume online. I get asked all the time: “Where did you get my information?” I actually LOVE getting that question because it means candidates KNOW I had to do a little work to find them. So, where is it I’m finding them? I’ll share a few examples with you, but by no means is this all encompassing.

Have you ever…..

- Written a whitepaper?

- Blogged on a technical forum?

- Applied for a patent?

- Published a comment on a technical blogger's site?

- Signed up for Twitter or Facebook and included your job or employer information?

- Published a bio on LinkedIn ?

- Joined an alumni organization known for technical talent?

- Become a member of a technical engineering group like I.E.E.E.?

- Posted pictures on Flickr and included your job title in your bio?

Any one of these channels could have landed you in the spotlight of a recruiter. When though?

Often as recruiters, we are working on very specific positions. These positions are open now, and need to be filled “yesterday”. So in those cases recruiters may opt to go right out to a job board to see who is actively searching for a new job now. If a candidate has a resume published we can quickly figure out if they are a fit for the position in hand, based on the details provided on the resume.

However, what I specifically do for Intel is build a pipeline of qualified engineering talent that isn’t necessarily talking to people about current job opportunities. I’m referred to as a Strategic Recruiter. I try to uncover people that are working in areas of interest to us (example: SoC or System on Chip, embedded software, etc.), that may be able to bring new value to Intel. We may not have an opening for them today, but I know eventually, they are the type of person we need to hire. So, essentially I need to find the people that aren’t already found or aren’t easily found. The people that don’t actually KNOW they are looking for a job until I chat with them. I search all of the above places and many more on a daily basis. Once I find a name, I first have to figure out a way to reach them. I then talk to them about Intel as an employer, and ultimately work to find the best role for them in the company. It’s easier said than done, but totally worth the time investment it takes.

In a small nutshell, that is what I do, and how I find pools of technical talent. What is the best part about my job though? Telling people that I get paid to surf the internet all day!