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How to Build a Fab Worth $4.6 Billion: Intel’s New Assembly and Test Facility in Poland

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With a long career at Intel, Nadav Bar-Ner is senior director of Construction at our newest facility in Poland. He recently talked with us about the size and scope of building a mega-fab.


Tell us a little bit about your career and your role in Intel Poland.

My name is Nadav Bar-Ner. I'm from Israel and am married with three children. I've been with Intel for 26.5 years, all in Corporate Services (CS) within various roles. In the last 10 years, I led the Israel R&D CS team responsible for the buildout and development of the site's infrastructure and services in Intel campuses, as well as in acquisitions that Intel made. Recently, I moved to the role of senior director of Construction to support the new assembly, test and manufacturing (ATM) buildout in Poland.


Why did you consider changing roles to join this project? What is special about it?

Moving to the new role within the Fab Construction Enterprise (FCE) is very exciting, as this program is directly tied to Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy. This new mega-facility will help meet critical semiconductor demand anticipated by 2027. This program is going to have a great and tangible impact on Intel’s future growth. This is both exciting and challenging!


You will be relocating to Poland for this role; what encouraged you to move?

We're expected to move to Poland to support and oversee the project. This will be a great experience to build the first semiconductor facility in Poland, while building a new organization to deliver this greenfield project. The employees will be a mix of local hires and expats from several locations, so we're expected to have a diverse, multinational team which will also contribute to the experience.


What is special about managing construction for projects of this size?

We're building approximately 1 million square feet of facilities in the first phase: four different buildings of assembly and test (AT), a central utilities building (CUB), a warehouse, and an office building. All this needs to be done within a fast-paced schedule of around two years. This is a first-of-a-kind project in Poland and for Intel, and this makes the project even more interesting and challenging.


How do you actually build a fab worth 4.6 billion dollars? Could you share the major steps and milestones?

The first stage was to establish collaboration with the Polish government, which is helping us enable the site infrastructure and land levelling. In parallel, we have initiated a detailed design and permitting program that enables smooth construction execution. Additionally, we are establishing an enablement program for undertaking semiconductor construction in Poland in a safe manner. Finally, one of our major focuses is building a new organization with talented recruits to support this challenge.


What kind of profiles and skills are you going to need?

We are looking for key talent professionals in construction project management and construction engineering. We will also be looking for safety professionals who can drive a safety culture for the project. People need to be independent, with the ability to multi-task and execute flawlessly in a fast-paced environment.


What do you think is so special about this opportunity?

This is a unique project with multiple challenges, and with the chance to have a real and direct impact on Intel’s strategy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Poland. To take the lead and be within the first team to deploy this project is nothing less than inspirational. We are looking for top talent to contribute to this effort, and we offer the opportunity to develop with us as we move forward. 


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