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“We are solving problems and creating better solutions for the world using cutting-edge technologies.” 

Nadezhda Sidneva has been with Intel for more than 13 years, starting as an intern and moving all the way up to Engineering Manager and Product Owner. These days, she leads the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Crypto and Data Processing team, but she has been part of many groups at Intel over the years. Her major takeaway? She enjoys her work because it’s challenging and makes the world better. We connected with Nadezhda to ask her a little more about her career with Intel.


What do you do at Intel?

I’m the Software Engineering Manager and Product Owner in the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives library (Intel® IPP). This library is focused on several areas, including image and signal processing, cryptography, and data compression. I’m responsible for determining the direction of my team’s work for the future, along with adding new capabilities to the library, communicating priorities to the team, and serving our customers and stakeholders.

Tell us more about the solutions your team develops.
The team I manage is focused on data compression and cryptography domains of Intel® IPP. This functionality is widely used in data centers, cloud computing, enterprise data management, and systems for information and cyber security. Another group in Intel® IPP develops solutions in signal and image processing, which can be used for image and signal recognition for medical applications, gaming, video processing, and more.

What challenges do you face?
Day to day, our group is not just developing new functions of the library, but we are also focused on the performance of these functions. One of our key responsibilities is to optimize the product for different platforms. There is huge demand for more and more computing power in an information-based world, and performance optimization becomes increasingly important and complex.

How is your work impacting the future?
Around the world, a huge amount of data, including sensitive information, is transmitted every second. Data compression and cryptography are crucial to these solutions as they help to protect the data, speed up file transfer, save storage capacity, and thereby decrease costs for storage hardware and network bandwidth. Privacy and data protection are particularly important in relation to sensitive information.

What motivates you to come to work?
It’s important for me to work on interesting and challenging tasks. This is what excites me most about my job and why I’m glad to be part of Intel. We are solving problems and creating better solutions for the world using cutting-edge technologies. We engineer solutions for our customers’ greatest challenges and develop new algorithms and technologies that did not exist before. It’s extremely motivating to know that we are making a difference.

What opportunities do you have at Intel?

Intel is always giving us new opportunities to learn. When I became a product owner, I was invited to participate in additional training for my new position, which really helped me to develop. In my previous role, I worked heavily on requirements specification and my manager suggested that I become an instructor in this field. I traveled to the US to study and am now qualified to deliver training to Intel employees in Russia. Intel offers excellent development opportunities.

Why did you join Intel?

I joined Intel 13 years ago. I was a student at the time and started as an intern. Intel had a presence at my university’s lab, which is how I first became aware of the internship opportunity. I knew that Intel had one of the biggest teams in IT and that its employees were proud to work for such an influential company. That internship was an important professional experience for me and a great start to my career.

Why do you think Intel Russia is growing in Nizhny Novgorod?

Our office in Nizhny Novgorod is quite big—and we are growing! I think this is partly because of all the good universities here, from which many talented students graduate. Most of the universities here have very strong research schools, which is probably why our Intel location specializes in R&D. Also, Nizhny is smaller than Moscow, which is attractive to many people from the regions. We have the necessary infrastructure, without the busyness of the big city.

What do you like about working at Intel?

The best thing about my job is how interesting our tasks are. I genuinely enjoy solving these problems. I think it’s really important to like what you do, since a significant portion of our lives are spent at work. Also, I’m glad to say we have a great team. I’m proud to work with these people. They are true professionals who you can always learn from. On top of that, they are good people, which makes the team atmosphere enjoyable.

What skills and attitudes are important for your job?

Every Intel employee should be excited about innovation and developing world changing solutions. In our project, you need a solid understanding of C and C++ programming languages and an understanding of math algorithms, which are widely used in the library functions. Team members should also be team players with English language skills and a positive attitude.


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