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Ajanta Maharjan is a Modem and Platform Software Manager for the Intel Communication and Devices Group (iCDG). She works in Munich, Germany.

Ajanta was drawn to Intel by its reputation as a leading technology company and has been working at Intel in Germany for six years. During this time, she has held several roles and her career has progressed from developer to lead to manager.

From the outset, she encountered a strong culture of inclusion and acceptance, whether in the form of a bouquet of flowers placed on her desk by a colleague as a welcome gesture on her first day, or in the composition of her business group.

"I am proud that I am part of a group that is so diverse in nature. My colleagues come from different parts of the world, are of different age groups and have a unique outlook towards work and life, yet function together organically."

Ajanta values her relationships with her colleagues and feels that they achieve more cumulatively than as individuals. The group works together towards common goals and helps each other every step of the way.

It is also important to Ajanta that Intel is a responsible company, effecting positive change in the world via Intel’s technologies and encouraging its employees to participate in a variety of volunteering opportunities.

"Every year around Christmas, Intel Germany organizes ‘Raining Presents,’ a program by which employees fulfill a handwritten Christmas wish from a child from the local orphanage. True to the giving spirit of Christmas, this initiative is one of the many ways Intel connects to the local culture and its people."

Intel’s benefits are viewed very favorably by Ajanta. She cites employee discounts, staff events, and Intel’s comprehensive parental leave in Germany as key benefits that add to the competitive package including pay, bonuses, vacation, paid sabbaticals, and stock options.

Over and above these benefits, Ajanta is thrilled to work in an inclusive and symbiotic environment and to make a positive impact.

"Intel succeeds in bringing the world closer together with technology, making amazing things happen, and encouraging its employees to participate in projects spanning the local as well as global community."

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