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In Conversation with Flonnie Anak Umpa, Assembly & Test Manufacturing (ATM)

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The desire to fix things and solve problems have always been central to Flonnie’s identity - he had a thirst for knowledge on how things worked. Guided by this, he made the decision to pursue mechanical engineering. With an eye on a career in the oil and gas industry, he completed an advanced diploma in the field. Unfortunately for him, the sharp global decline of oil prices at the time made it virtually impossible for him to find a job in his hometown of Miri, Sarawak.

He came across the opportunity to join Intel Malaysia through an advertisement on social media and boarded a flight to Kuching for the interview. “At first, I thought I wasn’t going to get the job - another friend who interviewed with me got the offer earlier on, and I was left waiting. But thankfully the offer eventually came through!”

Fast forward 5 years, Flonnie is today a Principal Technician. His day-to-day primarily sees him assisting other technicians, helping them problem-solve and up-skill. “It’s still very much a technician’s role, with the added responsibility of sharing my knowledge, ideas and talking through issues.”

Ever learning and growing

“Most people think of PCs when they think of Intel, and it was the same for me when I first joined. Little did I know then, how diverse the company is today in its endeavours. It was no doubt an eye-opener and the best part is that I have been involved in both front-end and back-end of the line, which means I get to see products come together, from start to finish.”

Flonnie joined as technician and had since embarked on a few adventures within the role. He travelled to Costa Rica for a 3-month assignment to restart a factory. He took on the opportunity to pursue a part-time bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering funded by Intel. And his biggest achievement thus far: being promoted to his current role as Principal Technician, the youngest one yet in Penang’s Virtual Factory.

“One thing I really appreciate about being here is that your skills are valued, regardless of who you are. It boils down to how you can contribute and add value.”

Taking the leap and gaining perspective

He acknowledged that he initially had doubts over being so far from home, a concern that was shared by his family. And he knows it is the case for many others back in Sabah and Sarawak too.

“It’s undoubtedly a big leap, moving from Miri to Penang. But it is very much a golden opportunity. It’s hardly a risk because Intel is known around the world. And just like home, it’s also a multicultural workplace where diversity and inclusion are values we uphold.”

Flonnie added that being in West Malaysia has also broadened his horizons, gaining perspective and appreciating the abundance of the country. “We may be an ocean apart, but we’re all Malaysians. That said, being here is also an opportunity for us to share our culture with our peers here in the peninsular.”

 “Having been here for five years, I can confidently say that if you do what you do best, with consistency, grit, and staying true to yourself - you will find success.”


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