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Inclusion At Intel: A Cross Cultural Opportunity To Learn

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If you’re thinking of joining the tech world, then Intel is a great place to shape a career that fits your interests and skills. We spoke to Aleena Mujtaba, an intern at Intel Germany. She tells us about the culture and how Intel provides an inclusive sense of family.


Tell me a bit about yourself; when did you join Intel and what is your role?

I started at Intel as a working student in data science and machine learning in July 2021. I study at Deggendorf Institute of Technology and I’m working on my master’s thesis. My work at Intel is about using machine learning models to predict aging in chips. To explain a little, chips have transistors, and after a period of time the performance of these transistors decreases. So, I work in the Reliability team to mitigate the effects of aging.


Why did you choose Intel?

I chose Intel because it is a pioneer in semiconductors and it fits with my master’s in electrical engineering and IT. At Intel, I work in both of these fields in one role. It’s very unusual to be able to do both, as people tend to have to go one route or the other. The job was a perfect match – Intel was looking for a software person, but also valued my knowledge of physics and device physics.


Is there anything that surprised you when you joined?

Intel is a big company, so I was a little worried that it would be hard to have a voice and be included. But I’ve been really pleased to find that the culture and my colleagues are extremely friendly and inclusive.

Most of my colleagues are German and from a very different culture, as I am from Pakistan. I left Pakistan because, as a woman – with a disability – it is difficult to get a high level of education, and it can be hard. But here in Germany, and at Intel, your gender and physical abilities don’t matter – the most important thing is that Intel is very inclusive and appreciates diversity. That was a good surprise.

So, it was a learning curve when I moved, and it was challenging, but my colleagues at Intel were guiding and kind. Now I feel like my team is a professional family.


What do you enjoy about working at Intel?

The best part is that you can speak to anyone, anywhere globally. It’s a very open culture and Intel has contributed to my personal and professional growth – it’s not just an occupation. Everyone is very transparent in their feedback and they encourage and critique you in a positive way.

I also enjoy how cross cultural Intel is, with people from all over the world. You learn from all of those cultural backgrounds and it really broadens your knowledge.


What is the culture like at Intel?

It’s not just an occupation; you don’t only work for the payday, you work because you’re passionate and want to work here. It’s very diverse and inclusive, and while saying and practicing inclusivity are two different things, Intel practices it.

There are also lots of learning opportunities at Intel. You can really focus on learning and there are many programs in place for you to learn and grow. There are online courses for almost all the fields and everyone has a subscription to enable them to learn and obtain certifications. Intel wants people to succeed. For example, Intel and my manager support my studies and let me put it as a priority.


What excites and motivates you in your role?

My role is in an area that interests me, and I really like it. My manager told me in my interview that if you expect something mundane and to do the same things every day, then Intel is not the place for you. It’s true, I have been challenged and grown my technical skills over the past 18 months.

I also feel connected to the end user. When you are part of such a global company, you know that you have an impact on something significant that’s happening in the world. It’s like knowing that every bolt in big machinery is needed, otherwise it won’t function.


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