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Intel Events: Welcoming NSBE to my hometown, St. Louis!

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NSBE_IMG_1090(a)When I first heard that the 37th Annual NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)Conference was being held in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, I immediately volunteered to attend and cover the PR on behalf of our Global Diversity, Education and External Relations team. After living in Phoenix for more than 14 years, it’s not often that I’m able to make it back home, so of course I extended my trip by a few days to spend time with family and friends.

With more than 35,000 members, NSBE celebrated its 37th Annual Conference March 23-27. This year’s theme, “Engineering the Gateway to Success,” not only symbolized the rich history of St. Louis, but also embodied the purpose of their Annual Convention, which was to provide attendees with the motivation, skills, and opportunity to succeed. It was, by far, the largest and most attended conference that I’ve been to. I felt the energy in the air as I walked around the showroom floor and observed the many engineers and up-and-coming engineers (college graduates) vying for interviews with the plethora of companies that were present. And, after checking out all of the other booths and exhibits, I must say that our booth was one of the most impressive of them all. It was innovative, bright, inviting, and downright sexy.

NSBE_IMG_1062(a)-thumb-200x149When I stepped on the career fair floor Wednesday, I was so excited to hear our recruiters and hiring managers say, “Intel is Hiring!” With over 100 positions to fill, the mighty team of 22 Intel employees (14 of which were recruiters from various groups such as TMG, IAG and SSG (Technology Manufacturing Group, Intel Architecture Group, and Software and Services Group, respectfully) did a phenomenal job of representing Intel. There were more than 550 candidates that stopped by our booth to submit their resumes and the Intel team worked tirelessly to conduct the 66 face-to-face interviews and 10 Skype interviews over the course of two days. (Yes, I said Skype interviews!) We were able to take advantage of the new techniques and technologies [Skype] for conducting interviews with those NSBE candidates who were not able to physically attend the conference. This allowed us to screen all of the potential rock stars and get the best candidates. And, did I mention that we offered several letters of intent at the conference?

NSBE_IMG_1223(a)-thumb-250x186But we weren’t just interviewing at the conference, we were presenting and sharing as well! While we meet a ton of really great candidates at NSBE, we’re also interested in hearing about what students are doing in the classroom. That’s one of the reasons why Intel sponsored the first round of tech talks. It gave students the opportunity to hear from a senior leader and also for him to hear from the students. Fayé Briggs, an Intel Fellow and IAG Director, presented “Moving Forward: Cloud Computing, Software Systems and Architecture” and then served as a judge when doctoral students presented their research on cloud computing topics. Faye was formerly an associate professor at Purdue University, the home of NSBE. Even though he’s a mover and shaker in Corporate America now, it was like coming home to him with being able to engage with the caliber of engineers that NSBE attracts. When I caught up with Fayé afterwards he said he was “impressed” and “very proud” about the number and caliber of students he had met! So next time you’re at a conference and attending a talk, ask questions, share your ideas—that’s one of the reasons why we’re there!

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