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Intel Gdansk: Where volunteerism is a way of life

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At Intel, we’re passionate about improving people’s lives through volunteerism. Across the organization, employees are committed to advancing initiatives that build safer, healthier, and stronger communities around the world.

In Poland, giving back is an essential part of our team’s culture. From diaper drives to gifts for hospice patients, here are a few of the ways the Gdansk Volunteering Group helps make a difference.

School Starter Kit 2017

With the help of generous employees, the group was able to collect enough supplies for 79 packages of much-needed school accessories for children at hospices and MOPR, including Fundacja Hospicyjna, Pomorskie Hospicjum Dla Dzieci, and Pomorze Dzieciom.


Animal Shelter Food Collection

With 585 volunteering hours logged in support of this effort, our team was able to help keep shelter animals fed and warm through the winter. We collected 800 kg of dry food, 300 kg of canned food, numerous blankets, towels, toys, leashes, collars, paper towels…even pet clothing!


Diaper Drive

The drive benefiting children in hospice was a huge success. We collected more than 1,000 hygiene products for the Pomorze Dzieciom foundation.


A great place to work (and give back)

It was an exciting and busy year for volunteering, and we topped off 2017 by becoming Santa Claus! Almost 300 employees participated in our Christmas drive, and we collected gifts for children and the elderly. It was an extraordinary reminder of the good we can achieve through generosity and teamwork.

Interested in learning more about giving back at Intel? Read more about our efforts here.
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