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Intel Involved: Lending a helping hand in the community

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It’s almost September. As a kid, that meant summer was over and I would be heading back to school. Usually, by this point, I was bored with summer and ready to go back to school: ready to see my friends, ready to see my teachers, ready to return to the familiarity of a building where I would spend over 70% of my time for the next 10 months.

Now picture not being able to return to the familiarity of that building. That’s almost what happened to kids at Trace Elementary School in San Jose, California. Almost.

A fellow Intel employee, Kathryn, at our Santa Clara, California campus recently wrote a blog post on our internal blogging network about an Intel volunteer opportunity she participated in at Trace Elementary School. After reading it, I knew I had to share it with you.

"Today, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local elementary school (in my neighborhood) that burned down over the summer. The main part of the school with most of the classrooms was totally destroyed on July 5 by an arsonist. The school management decided to put portable classrooms on the site so the children could come back to their school rather than being sent to other schools while the school is being re-built.

30+ Intel employees showed up to help with classroom set up, moving boxes and anything else that the teachers needed. They were very grateful for the help as school starts on Monday (we went in on a Friday to volunteer) and construction workers were still on site trying to get the portables ready to go .

And then, Intel gave each of these teachers who had lost everything an American Express gift card for $1,000 each. The amazement, tears and gratitude made me feel very proud that I work for a company that would do that.


(Below is a picture of where the school used to be)"