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Intel Jobs: Opportunities for Students in Costa Rica!

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Are you a student in Costa Rica? Did you know Intel has part- time student jobs for you? This is a great opportunity to learn while you’re still in university!

The program allows you to work between 22.5-36 hours   a week and you can adjust your schedule according to your university classes. Students who are pursuing a university degree are eligible for this program which provides you an opportunity to work part-time and gain quality career experience. In order to qualify for this program, you have to be in (at least) your second year and must be enrolled and attending classes while working at Intel.  When you complete your degree, if you had a good experience, we’ll help you look for full-time opportunities at Intel as well!

I started my career through this program, as a student worker, and it opened up a world of possibilities.  When I finished my degree in 2007, I already had 2 years of experience—how great is that? And now I’m almost at the 7-year mark! I was working on the Engineering department and learned a lot from Intel Engineers regarding to Product health indicators, although I don’t have an engineering background it help me to create a very good network within the area. After a year as a student worker, I moved to the staffing department as a part time student too and was in this area where I had the opportunity to become a full time employee. Currently I am supporting the recruitment process for open positions in Costa Rica and Mexico and it has been a great experience also.  I am really grateful about the opportunities I had at Intel and look forward to my future at Intel.

We are constantly opening student positions in different areas such as Finance, engineering, human resources; information technology, etc. For more information on the program guidelines and how to apply, visit our Costa Rica Student Center!

Don’t live in Costa Rica? We have established this program at our sites in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia -- check out the Student Center for details!