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Intel Poland: More HR Opportunities

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Intel Poland is mainly focusing on R&D activities but that does not mean that we do not have excellent professionals in other fields. Currently we are growing fast, not only in Computer Engineering, but in HR related fields as well. Last year we have hired 250 people and this trend is not going to be changing soon. As a site that collaborates with other Intel sites across the Europe region, we have our own certain needs when it comes to employees who can speak other languages.

Such special needs can be seen in our Global Employee Support Group which is focussing on providing  outstanding quality support to Intel employees by managing issues that span through whole EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Europe).

This group solves day-to-day queries and cases such as problems connected with: retirement services, business HR tools, reporting, questions data, health benefits, stock and relocation, payroll or payment inaccuracies. This group provides support for the whole EMEA region. This is an international team consisting of members from different countries in many languages.  It’s not unusual to find people speaking Russian, German, English or Hebrew here.

One such employee is Nadav – he decided to move to Poland from Ireland to support our Polish team. Check out what he thought about the country before coming here and what has surprised him!


My name is Nadav and though I relocated from Ireland, I am from Israel. I am a part of the HRES group, in GER Global Employee support precisely.  Currently I work as a HR Customer Care representative. I’ve worked for Intel 5 months already.

What do you like the most in Intel-Gdansk?

I like the Intel culture Gdansk, everybody are very friendly and willing to help you especially if you are new and not from here.

What are the cultural differences?

I went on a kayak trip and I couldn’t believe that you can brush your teeth with beer and eat sausages all day long J! I was really surprised to discover that Polish people are very warm and welcoming people.

Why have you decided to work in Polish branch of Intel?

I have a Polish passport and I wanted to live and work outside of Israel. Intel gave me this opportunity and I’m very happy and glad I made this decision.

What did you think about Poland before you came here? Did you have any concerns about coming to Gdansk?

I thought I would not be able to make friends so easily due to the language barriers, but I was wrong. I met so many new people and some of them become close friends. I thought Poland will be cold most of the year however I was very surprised by the warm weather and the sea site.

What do you like the most in your job?

Intel is a great place to work in general. I love to help and solve issues for others and this job in Intel lets me to do that. In my job I have the chance to share and pass my skills and knowledge, which lets me see the positive impact my job can have.

Interested in joining us? Check job openings in Poland HR group! Apply here