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Intel Poland: More Insight into the Visual and Parallel Processing Group

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Do you remember Lukasz from the Visual and Parallel Processing Group located in Poland? It is time to meet his team colleague – Wojtek who made the same decision about relocating.

In case you need a refresher, the Visual and Parallel Processing Group in Gdansk's main objective is to design, implement and validate the 3D graphic drivers for GPU integrated with Intel’s processors. They provide software to drivers according to Direct3D® and OpenGL standards for operational systems: Windows®and Linux. Members of VPG team are very experienced in terms of code optimization, efficiency compilers construction and parallel programming – we simply hire the best!

Check out how Wojtek enjoys living in Tricity and why he is worried about his fiancée


Hi, I’m Wojtek and I came from Poznań, but last two years I’ve spent in Warsaw working as a Hardware Design Engineer. Recently I’ve taken a position at Intel-Gdańsk where my key responsibilities are: preparation of HDL designs (System Verilog) of future Intel graphic cores (in pre-silicon stages) for emulation and running them on a FPGA-based emulator so our SW teams can execute driver tests more efficiently than for example in simulation environment.

What do you like the most in Intel-Gdańsk?

This is my first ‘corporate’ job. Previously I’ve worked at Poznań University of Technology and in a middle-sized private company in Warsaw. The first thing that have struck me here (positively of course) is how the company cares about every employee and organizes huge amount of activities we can participate in, like sailing club, swimming pools, climbing. What is more also since end of May we have our own football and beach volleyball courts just outside one of our buildings. Plus there are lots of small perks that were missing in my previous jobs. Apart from all that there are people in your team who really support your entrance into Intel world (which by the way is full of cryptic acronyms like: AR, BKM, VPG, and the list goes on :-)). We have also a quarterly integration when the whole team goes out to enjoy some time outside of work (some sports, dinner and so on).

Have you felt any difference between Tricity and your former place of residence? 

There is definitely big difference between Warsaw and Tricity, but not so much between Poznań and Tricity (apart from the sea). During last two years I’ve got really fond of Warsaw and sometimes I miss all the attractions you have there (I really enjoyed visiting Zachęta Gallery and Center of Contemporary Art). I’ve been few times to the Old Town in Gdańsk and I must admit I really like it there: the architecture is great and you can find lots of interesting places to dine and enjoy. Also for me a big plus of Tricity is access to the beach and sea. I am coming from cities that don’t have much water around them. In the same time I am an active sailor for almost all my live and kitesurfer for about 5 years so it’s really a great feeling to just go and hit the beach on the weekend or after work. I also think that there is big part of Gdańsk that was spoiled by the shipyard and its infrastructure (for example, workers’ housing districts), and definitely Gdańsk has lots of space for improvement in those areas.

Why have you decided to work in Gdańsk branch of Intel?

For me it was a great opportunity, the Intel Talent Advisor, Jakub, contacted me with a job offer at just the right moment for me. I’ve decided that this will be a step in the right direction, although if Intel was located somewhere else in Poland I’d probably think longer about moving. Over some period of time I’ve wanted to move closer to the sea, so after all it wasn’t a hard decision.

Did you have any concerns about coming to Gdańsk?

My main concern was the job market for my fiancée, but we are working on it

What do you like the most in your job?

I like every challenge, although I would be really pleased if there were some more hardware design tasks here. I enjoy the job as a whole: people I work with, the site, everything.

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