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Intel Recruiting Events: Stay Tuned and See You Soon!

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What is it that you most enjoy among Intel recruiting practices?

Let me guess: Intel events should definitely be on top of the list or very close to it.And under events we mean the whole variety of initiatives run by the staffing teams across the globe.

You might have already met Intel reps at university career fairs, which we believe is a perfect way of getting to know the type of talent Intel is looking for and establishing an initial connection with us. Career fairs are often very busy where we may meet over 400 people in one day—with that many people, you want to make yourself stand out, in a good way! I’ve got a few tips that might help you:

- Review available positions at www.intel.com/jobsbefore the career fair to see if Intel has an appealing opening for you.

- Found one? Formulate briefly why you might be a good fit for it and approach the Intel booth prepared to prove it.

- No appealing position at this time? Ask if you should expect a position in X department soon.

- Spend a minute to leave your contact and education details for us to make sure we stay in touch with you.

- Sometimes we invite the hiring managers to join us at the career fairs- they can conduct quite a number of short semi-formal interviews during the day. Use this chance and be ready to talk about your academic achievements and successful projects you have participated in, key skills and areas of expertise.

MariyaCareerFair-thumb-450x300We also often organize Intel exclusive events at universities: attending these give you a perfect opportunity to better understand the direction of the company, our focus and needs as well as direct access to some of our senior employees as they talk about new cutting edge technology. Utilize this opportunity to ask questions and get first-hand answers. Listen attentively and note key information and resources as you hear of new ways to expand your knowledge. If you are selected for an interview, showing a good understanding of the current market tendencies and trends is definitely an advantage. Moreover, these events often end with some quizzing from us - answer our tricky questions about Intel and technologies and get a pleasant gift!

A third type of event, and one that I think you will also rather enjoy takes place when we invite students to Intel offices for you to meet Intel experts and get a genuine feeling of the Intel atmosphere. Use this chance to ask us questions to better understand life at Intel. These events are followed by informal parties with pizza or other treats that are much loved by both students and employees alike!

Don’t get sad if you are located outside of Intel cities and not always able to join us for the face-to-face events. Last year we started to run virtual events which you can easily access from home!By attending them, you’ll learn more about Intel career opportunities. You will get to know more about specific projects Intel is working on, skills that we are looking for and programs we are offering to students. The virtual sessions are interactive and let any participant submit his/her comment or question during the event. Visit our Virtual Recruiting page and check back to see what's coming up next on our calendar!

Sound exciting? Hopefully, yes The list of our initiatives is far from being exhausted with the tech talks and Intel guest lectures taking place at different universities throughout the year, software competitions run by Intel and round tables with the hiring managers occurring in different countries. Be active, use every chance to connect to Intel and hope to see you on board soon!

Stay tuned for upcoming Intel events on Facebook, Twitter and Recruiting Events Calendar.