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Intel Scholar Summit: A journey to success

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At our recent Scholar Summit in Oregon, 67 Intel Pathways interns got the chance to connect with one another, hear from executive leaders, and partake in a focus group.  Below, a few of the attending interns share their Intel experience.

Olatide Omojaro – Intel Pathways Intern


I thought Intel would be a platform that I could leverage towards my purpose. I went to a fraternity where I felt I was contributing, and at Intel, I’m doing more than just busy work, I actually feel like a worker on these projects and know people are waiting on me to finish my part.

Yash-Yee Logan – Intel Pathways Intern


The highlight of this internship is that I feel myself becoming an expert in the things I’m interested in: signal processing and machine learning. On my up days, I’m learning so much and feel very productive, and on my down days, I’m still learning what not do so I’m not wasting time.

Nahom Solomon – Intel Pathways Intern


It’s been pretty fun learning a whole other side of Intel; I’m in a small group that is taking old latch-base designs and converting them to flop-based designs. My biggest takeaway from this summit was how we all could get along, work together, and laugh together when we come from such different backgrounds.


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