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Intel Taiwan: How One Manager Creates World-Changing Technology Through Inclusive Collaboration

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Chong Hooi Chia believes that open communication and human empowerment are the key elements in driving his team to reach their potential.

He is the engineering manager and leads the Power Optimization Enabling team for Client Customer Engineering at Intel Taiwan. He is focused on helping his team push themselves and the boundaries of technological innovation to bring the best power and battery life experience to customers' PC products.

“Talent is everywhere. However, not everyone gets the opportunity to fully explore and realize their capabilities. As leaders and colleagues at Intel, it is up to us to create and encourage an inclusive working culture where innovations and excellence can thrive,” he points out.


From Malaysia to Taiwan

Born and raised in Malaysia, Hooi Chia has always had a passion for all things computer-related. His journey with Intel began in 2001 when he landed an Intel scholarship for his master’s degree. After eight years of working and developing his skills in an Intel operation located in northern Malaysia, Hooi Chia and his colleagues were notified that that their office would soon cease operations.

And as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens.

An opportunity to work with Intel Taiwan soon presented itself, and it did not take much to convince Hooi Chia to make the move as it had been his life-long dream to work abroad and experience diverse cultures.

“While I did enjoy the novelty of experiencing a different culture and discovering the local palate, I was really wonderfully surprised by the open and inclusive work culture they have here in Intel Taiwan,” he reflects.

Hooi Chia is a leader who stands by his ideals and guides his team with the same principles he lives by. He empowers his team and instills trust by practicing open communication with each and every team member.

“It’s very inspiring to be working in a collaborative environment where anyone can speak freely and all ideas are taken into consideration. It is also not just about having conversations for conversation’s sake; I believe it’s about building a culture of belonging where all of us can contribute to the best of our ability and deliver our best work,” he adds.


Driving innovation and creating impact

“Having worked at Intel Taiwan since 2011 [and Intel Malaysia since 2003], I can honestly say that one of the most important 'why’s’ that drives me forward would be the work itself.

I find satisfaction in seeing the solutions and innovations that our team develops over long periods of time materialize and be implemented in physical Intel products in the market. It is always rewarding to see our hard work successfully out in the market creating positive impact to the technology landscape.”

Hooi Chia and his team believe that hard work is essential for staying relevant and ahead in today’s challenging market. He is constantly pushing himself and his team to go the extra mile in delivering the best for Intel customers.

“We believe that our customers’ success is our success, and the demand for better solutions and experience is increasing by the day. This is why my colleagues and I continue to innovate with our next-gen products and deliver in a way that sets Intel products apart in the market.

In light of the recent global health crisis, it has become more clear that Intel is an essential business, and we continue to be guided by our purpose to create world-changing technology that enriches lives,” he says.


Delivering the future together

Reflecting on his journey with Intel, Hooi Chia says that one key lesson has been the importance of collaboration in achieving success.

“We can accomplish so much more if we collaborate. I am grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to me to build my department when I first joined Intel Taiwan. Great talents and capable people are all around us; it is up to us to believe in them and trust them to contribute their utmost to the team through their work.”

For it is working together that true innovation is achieved now and in the future.

Are you ready to grow your career with Intel Taiwan? Explore our open opportunities today.

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Love to work with this Power Optimization Enabling team. Their engineering-driven spirit always inspires teams to do more for customers and Intel. One of great teams I have worked with in these years!