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Intel beyond the cube – the world is your oyster

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Diverse career development opportunities – there is no other way to phrase it. Intel is a multinational company, operating in a high tech industry. The cross-discipline needs to keep it running require an employee base that bring with it a broad skillset. As such, I keep thinking to myself how diverse, unexpected and exciting one’s career can be.

I admit that working in a company with a global footprint may not be for everyone, but what can’t be denied is the fact that opportunities for our employees are nearly endless. If you are willing to look around – beyond your cube – you’ll see that you can have a career that you never thought was possible before.

The reason for this is simple – the company’s needs are very diverse, and even more importantly, they are constantly changing. Considering that there’s no single person – or group of people - that knows all about what, when and how things should be done, it creates a whole spectrum of opportunities for employees. It’s the employees who work “in the trenches” that are often better positioned to see the tactical moves to benefit the company and their careers as well, for example:

  • When Intel launches a new product, there’s always a need to educate a broad audience: customers, developers, resellers, etc. Consequently there’s always an opportunity for a developer (or finance analyst, or Fab technician) to position themselves as a product champion in a number of industry events, partner meetings, etc.

  • If life throws you a curveball and you find that where you live is no longer viable, there are always a number of job opportunities at other locations, in the same country or across the globe! Did you always want to live in another state, or climate – it’s your chance, grab it!

  • Want to be a tech entrepreneur but don’t want to lose that pay check? At Intel, there are always a number of internal contests, proof-of-concept projects and other idea capture activities. Why not start a new business within your own company and have the benefit of being backed up by its innovative culture!

When people come to me wondering if there are any exciting opportunities at Intel, I always suggest that they look beyond their own cube. It pays out handsomely. After eleven years of my own exciting employment history at Intel – I know this for sure. And do you know what’s also interesting? There are even opportunities for those who want to enable their colleagues to “look outside of their cubes”. A list of “career development mentors” is available to all Intel employees. I’m registered as a mentor but I’m also constantly looking for other mentors who could help me. This is just another reason why I love my job at Intel.
About the Author
Vladimir was born in 1977 in Zhukovsky, near Moscow, graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute receiving Master’s degree in Computers in 2000. He started his career in IT in 1991 as a assistant in the compute lab of Tupolev Aircraft Design Bureau. Before joining Intel in 2003 Vladimir held several IT jobs in different companies (ranging from Education to Investment Banking verticals), beginning as a programmer and reaching Deputy Head of IT and Project Manager positions. At Intel he started as IT Construction Project Manager, supporting Intel R&D growth in Russia then transitioned to Site IT Manager for 3 biggest Russian sites in Nizhny Novgorod, Sarov and Moscow, then he joined IT@Intel Program, supporting European Enterprise sales team & Marketing . For over 4 years, from 2007 till 2012, Vladimir was working as General Manager for Intel branch in Nizhny Novgorod. He was responsible for running the operations of the oldest and biggest Intel site in Russia, supporting its continued growth. Since 2012 Vladimir is working as the Risk & Controls Program Manager for Greater Europe Region. Vladimir’s hobbies include teaching (he delivers over 150 hours of trainings at Intel annually), motor sports (rally racing), rollerblading and reading modern literature & classics.