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Intel life beyond the cube

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How do you pick your next job? You're thinking of many factors:  job scope, your qualifications, employer reputation and of course, the pay and other benefits. If the pay is right and your skill-set matches the employer's needs, then sooner or later you'll start considering other things: commute convenience, diversity of the team, sport participation or other social activities. A great company provides them all.

I believe Intel is a great company, so in the next few posts I'll share my own experiences of non-work-related Intel activities: inspired, organized and performed by its great employees.

I'll start with team building. “All companies do them,” you say and I agree. However, it's not only "what", but "how" that matters. The first things we at Intel ask before settling on a team builder plan are: How can we make this experience more than just fun? Can we contribute to the community? Learn new things or develop new skills? How "green" is our plan? So, we take sushi classes, invite the local orphanage to join us and enjoy the exotic homemade food afterwards. We learn how to make 3D paper models of famous buildings (like Eiffel tower or St. Basil Cathedral) and give them to a fund supporting blind people, giving them the chance to "see with their fingers" these architectural masterpieces. We plan an awareness campaign on how to sort the household waste, such as it can be efficiently recycled in a particular area. And yes, Intel Corporation sponsors these activities for us. We believe helping others is truly impactful, we have fun doing it and it is satisfying to help as we earn our revenues and spend our quarterly team building budgets. Wouldn't it be great to be a part of such a team?
About the Author
Vladimir was born in 1977 in Zhukovsky, near Moscow, graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute receiving Master’s degree in Computers in 2000. He started his career in IT in 1991 as a assistant in the compute lab of Tupolev Aircraft Design Bureau. Before joining Intel in 2003 Vladimir held several IT jobs in different companies (ranging from Education to Investment Banking verticals), beginning as a programmer and reaching Deputy Head of IT and Project Manager positions. At Intel he started as IT Construction Project Manager, supporting Intel R&D growth in Russia then transitioned to Site IT Manager for 3 biggest Russian sites in Nizhny Novgorod, Sarov and Moscow, then he joined IT@Intel Program, supporting European Enterprise sales team & Marketing . For over 4 years, from 2007 till 2012, Vladimir was working as General Manager for Intel branch in Nizhny Novgorod. He was responsible for running the operations of the oldest and biggest Intel site in Russia, supporting its continued growth. Since 2012 Vladimir is working as the Risk & Controls Program Manager for Greater Europe Region. Vladimir’s hobbies include teaching (he delivers over 150 hours of trainings at Intel annually), motor sports (rally racing), rollerblading and reading modern literature & classics.