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Intel’s Software Revolution! #GetOnBoard

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I can’t believe it’s already February! 2011 is going to be a whirlwind, that much I know for sure. Are you excited? Because I’m excited! I’m not sure how many of you paid any attention to some of Intel’s earning announcements in January, but we had a fabulous 2010. One of the best years ever for Intel. This translated into some great bonuses for employees! If you want to bone up on some Intel background, you can always check articles like this one.

Of course, you may also want to read up on the fact that Intel made Fortune’s Top 100 Employers list too!

I think the most exciting part of it all is the transformation Intel is going through. … Wait. You haven’t heard? Intel is positioning itself to be a full Computing Solutions Company.

What does that mean? Jobs. That’s what. Our CEO announced that Intel moved from the #6 largest software company in the world to #5 now! Meaning, if you take all of our software employees and bundle them into one company, we are the 5th largest software employer in the world. This is huge for us! A lot of people don’t associate Intel with being a software company and in 2011, I’m making it my mission to change that perception!

I’m going to start by hosting a Virtual Software Career Fair on March 1st for all students –interns and recent graduates – that have a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree and have a desire to launch their software career at Intel! (Yes, you EE’s are welcome too if you’ve got a solid interest in software!) You can find details about this career fair here.

This particular career fair will be unique. We’ve invited several business groups to attend (Ultra Mobile Software Engineering Group, Embedded Communications Group and our Software and Solutions Group, to name a few), and students are going to have direct access to hiring managers! They will be able to ask questions about the work in the various groups, understand where they fit in, talk about Intel’s transformation to a Computing Solutions Company and ultimately have their resume seen and reviewed by the very hiring managers that need the talent! I’m hoping for a huge success, and for those of you that know me, you know I’ll settle for nothing less!

Mark your calendars students! This will be EPIC if I have anything to do with it. You can also get up to the minute information on new Graduate and Internship opportunities if you join ourLinkedIn Student Lounge Group. Get connected with your peers as well as Intel’s US College Recruiting team and stay in the know! Look forward to networking with you all and making 2011 a memorable year for all of us!