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Interns Give Back!

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Note from the blog manager: Jay, an intern from the University of Florida, takes advantage of an Intel Involved community service project. Intel encourages and supports their employees to give back to their communities. More than 45% of Intel employees volunteered in 2010!


Armed with paint brushes and plenty of paint, a few Intel interns turned a dilapidated house into a home. The event, organized by Intel Involved, was a volunteer opportunity that I personally couldn’t pass up. It gave me the opportunity to give back and frankly, it made me feel part of the larger community.

After fueling up on coffee and donuts, we hit the ground running. The organization which facilitated the project, Rebuilding Together Washington County, gave direction and allowed us to best use our skills. I decided to get on the ladder on attack the front façade immediately; plastering grey paint over the mustard yellow and brown undercoat. The entire project was completed in about 5 hours. We were painting rock stars!

Meeting the elderly woman warmed my heart. She said the home hadn’t been painted in over 20 years as she thanked us for our time. I was honored but I realized soon afterwards, that she gave me more than I gave her.

Moving from Orlando, Florida to begin my internship with Intel was a big deal. I was confident in my ability to perform on the job but there still was fear. I wasn’t so much afraid of leaving friends and family as I was about belonging. This was my first time living west of the Mississippi River. I was in culture shock once I landed at PDX and arrived in Hillsboro, Oregon. Nevertheless, I learned that there is a place for everyone at Intel. Through employee groups, intern events, and Intel Involved, I found my place. I enjoy volunteering and giving back; it’s my niche.