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A few weeks back I blogged about my excitement around a project team I was working on. (It’s a good thing to be excited about your job, right?)   Today, I’m thrilled to be able to reveal a bit more detail around what Intel is doing as a result of our CEO’s commitment to double our internship offerings in 2012.  On March 14th, Paul Otellini attended an awesome event at Georgia Tech.  It was part of a big launch of our ‘STAY WITH IT’ campaign aimed at reaching students early in their engineering education and helping them power through those first few years when things can be tough!  In case you missed the event, you can catch up here (oh, and while you are at it, join in the initiative!) or check out our photo gallery from the event.  I’m always amazed at the many paths people take after completing an engineering degree.  In the webcast, you’ll hear from several people in very different roles today – but all of it was made possible because they persevered and completed their studies!  Very motivational, almost makes ME want to go back to school! <almost>

StayWithItPSO.jpg Intel CEO talks about ‘STAY WITH IT’ at the Day of Engineering Event.

OK… so back to the real reason I’m blogging today.  I really want to talk about the 3 sweet new intern programs we are piloting in 2012.  Rather than type on and on about each one, I’d rather have you check out the new web page I put together that covers details of each pilot program as well as provides tons of links and resources to help students all across the country become informed.  I’ve poured blood, sweat and tears (ok, not really…) into putting together this webpage so PRETTY PLEASE visit the site.  I’d love to hear what YOU think about the 3 new initiatives.

We’ve partnered with select Community Colleges and Universities to identify early engineers and implement these 3 new programs in the US.  Our goal is to provide the kind of experience we think it will take to get more students to ‘STAY WITH IT’ and complete their engineering education!  It took some *major* effort, but we finally came up with names for our programs.  

  1. Intel Collaborators

  2. Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience

  3. University Arch Partnerships

So now that you’ve gone to the website (hint, hint), and become a guru on my work these days, I want to ask you to answer one question for me.  If you were a Freshman, about to enter an engineering program, which of these programs would be most appealing/valuable to you?  Why?  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Oh, and if you are intern eligible and want to join the Intel family this summer, apply here today!  We still have quite a few open internships to fill!