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Job Openings: Tablets and Smartphones and Handhelds - Oh my!

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Meet Adam from Intel’s Gadget Analysis Team. He's had a diverse career here, taking roles as a computer architect, software researcher, chipset and graphics analyst, and mobile performance engineer. When he's outside of our Silicon Valley HQ, you’ll find him kiteboarding the San Francisco Bay or cutting a rug on the salsa floor. Over the next little while, Adam will be a guest blogger and is here to tell you about the career opportunities within his team and this segment within Intel. Adam-thumb-300x277

This is an exciting time in the tech world with the boom of smartphones and the dawn of tablets. What makes this more exciting is that Intel is throwing all of our design, software, and leading fabrication technology behind this segment. The vision is to create the compute continuum or a foundation on which to build common hardware, software and ecosystem solutions to make computing experiences and devices work together seamlessly. (If you haven't seen our video on the Next Era of Personal Computing: Intel's Journey, you're missing out. I kid you not.)

Towards the mobile and handheld end of the continuum, my team conducts analysis of all the major tablets, smartphones, and similar devices in the market. All the latest and greatest digital gadgets toys in this market, we are the experts dissecting and exploring what makes them tick. We analyze the power, performance, and user experience of every Android phone or Apple tablet and compare it to our upcoming Intel devices.

But wait, there’s more! For you coding enthusiasts out there, we also have a team creating software tests in this nascent ecosystem. The problem: many architectures, even more operating systems, one common benchmark. Harness your C++, Java, and Linux skills to tackle this challenge. For you MBAs and Marketeers, we have opportunities to leverage your business expertise. Get the opportunity to influence product directions and marketing strategy of the hottest products in semiconductors.

Here are two openings we currently have on our team: Tablet Performance Engineer (Req# 593751) and Handheld Performance Engineer (Req#600115)If you qualifications match what we're looking for, submit your resume by following the links!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, where we’ll take a behind the scenes look at our lab, demo some of the cool gadgets you would be working on, and describe the latest opportunities with our team.