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Journal of my Journey: My metamorphosis from a student to an Intern to an RCG (Chapter 1)

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It all began with the purchase of my very first personal computer 12 years back when I was still in my primary schooling. Back then, my dad actually bought me a high-end computer that came with an Intel Pentium Processor. This was when I first learned that Intel was a company that produced the chips that power up my computer, even though I had been seeing the Intel Inside (“Bong”) advertisement for years.

From that moment forward, Intel has been a premiere brand of computing to me because of the promises and excitement in computing it has delivered to me over the years. What I did not imagine is that someday (which is now), I would actually be working in this premiere corporation, helping create products of the future. It’s what we make possible that matters the most.

I can clearly recall a time, a little more than a year ago, when I was in the final semester of my study. I was struggling and not too sure which field or area I wanted to go into for my internship. Coincidently, around that time I met with my cousin who was an “Intel-er” and he shared the opportunities with Intel Malaysia and also the bits and bytes of working at Intel with me.

Without any delay, I created my profile on the Jobs at Intel site and submitted my CV. When I first realized that I could possibly join Intel as an intern, I was so excited because it seemed like it was a “dream come true” scenario. When I mentioned Intel as a possible internship placement to a lecturer or peers, their response was “WOW!”. The wow factor made me look forward to working at Intel even more.

The first step happened when someone from HR called me for a quick interview; more like a background check. Next, my hiring manager called to do a quick interview with me. Right after the phone conversation, I was told to personally visit Intel for a face-to-face interview at the Penang campus. When I stepped foot on the Intel campus, I was actually lost as I went to the wrong building. Luckily I found my way and my interview session went quite smoothly. I was then told that details would be worked out with HR, and I was on my way to becoming an Industrial Engineering Intern.

The joy I had at this particular moment was beyond any excitement I ever had in my lifetime. Not long after, I received the offer package which contained the details of my internship. I knew exactly when I would start, who I would be reporting to and high level details of the projects that I would be working on.

From time to time, I checked in with my supervisor on the pre-work that I needed to complete before on-boarding, and to better understand Intel culture. Using the social networking options on the Jobs at Intel site, I also connected with a few experienced Intel folks. It was great; they openly shared their working experiences and Intel stories with me.

As my official start date approaches, I am beginning to feel both anxious and excited. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life at Intel!

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!
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