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Journal of my Journey: My metamorphosis from a student to an Intern to an RCG (Chapter 3)

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Hello again! Do you remember the mishaps I had on my first day at Intel? First, I came to work dressed formally (something that no one at Intel does.) And then I almost lost my badge! Looking back, it was pretty funny but boy am I glad that’s over! Now the fun was about to begin: my Intel internship.

Prior to reporting in, I was told clearly the expectations and also the project I would be working on. For the first several weeks into my internship, I was totally amazed with the depth of work I experienced. At the same time, I experienced culture shock in the way we work and communicate with one another. Technological tools and communicators were so advanced that it allowed you to work on multiple tasks, all at once.

Going into my internship, there were two components that helped me with the depth of work I was about to experience: the first is recklessness and the second is passion. Recklessness meant putting out of your mind all thoughts or fears of the opinions of others even the opinion of yourself. It drove me to constructively challenge the status quo based on what I believe to be the right thing to do. Secondly, passion is the link to my desire to have a great internship experience from the opportunity given.

And now, the culture shock. Part of the culture shock started as I talked to my colleagues. I had a hard time understanding them as they used acronyms, all the time! ZBB, NEO, WLE, and many more! At one point, I began to wonder whether I even understood English?! Just kidding :-). Not only do we use a lot of acronyms, but we also have a means to search them thanks to a tool called “Intelpedia”, our very own internal Intel encyclopedia. After a while I figured out what these acronyms meant: ZBB refers to Zero-Based Budgeting which refers to the Intel principle to facilitate time/schedule management and prioritization. Everything below the baseline is considered “ZBBed” or cut. NEO refers to New Employee Orientation which helps newbies become familiar with the company culture. Last, but not least, WLE refers to Work Life Effectiveness which is one of the programs that provide employee and their family with assistance to make life in and out of Intel run smoothly out. Another aspect of culture shock was the stringent enforcement of safety regulations and ergonomic practices in the Intel work environment. It really amazed me (and impressed me) as I noticed how much Intel cares about the safety and health of its employees. I was also shocked with the open discussion opportunities that were available, on all matters! Intel truly preaches constructive confrontation and when it came to problem solving, I got to learn systematic problem solving methods and understand the realms of paradigm shift.

That was my experience as I started with my internship, and it’s just one of many unique experiences an intern could have from an Intel internship. In my next blog to you, I will cover how the rest of my internship went and the potential future I had with Intel:-) . Stay tuned!