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Journal of my Journey: My metamorphosis from a student to an intern to an RCG (Chapter 4)

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Hey there! Do you recall my earlier posts on my first impressions when I got into my internship? I shared how I learned about Intel’s culture in terms of the way we work, communicate and collaborate. This time around I would like to share more details on what I had worked on during my internship and how had the opportunity to work as a permanent employee at Intel.

After my first couple of weeks, I started to get familiar with the common practices and business processes that would relate to what I was about to work on. One of my primary projects was to revamp the business groups’ website which was phasing out and not functioning properly. Within Intel, we have this great tool called the Intel Virtual Library; it provides almost everything you need to know (knowledge, training and references) on the subject matter you may be working on. In my situation, I needed to catch up on my web programming and data management skills to complete my given task. After collecting and understanding the requirements from key stakeholders, I started my project of constructing the new website and customizing it to suit the majority’s needs. Eventually, I completed the project two weeks ahead of schedule thanks to the coaching/guidance offered by my buddy. (At Intel, new employees are assigned a buddy who will be their coach for the first six months when he/she joins the company. The Buddy Program is designed to facilitate newly hired employees transition to Intel culture. The buddy is a source of information on "the way things work" and general Intel information)

The other key project that I worked on was related closely to data mining, management and visualization. I had the opportunity to collaborate across functional groups and build a comprehensive and easy-to-use application called Visual Factory. The application allows stakeholders to generate the latest information on key indicators in a factory, in an interactive manner. This project allowed me to better understand the operation flow of an Intel Assembly and Test facility in detail and equipped me with fundamentals of operational excellence as seen in a manufacturing powerhouse such as Intel. From my involvement in this particular project, I got to personally experience the power of Lean Manufacturing, as it is emphasized across Intel. The positive changes and savings as a result of Lean were beyond ideas that I would learn in a typical classroom. I’m honored to have been able to be part of this huge stream of change happening across the company.

My dedication, passion, active participation and contribution at work paid off towards the end of my internship, as I was offered a permanent working opportunity with Intel! And, it was going to be in the same department I interned in! There you have it, that was my Intel internship experience! In my next blog, I will cover how I transitioned from an intern to a permanent Intel employee!