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Life and Work at Intel Germany: Beyond Benefits

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As a global employer, Intel prides itself with providing competitive benefits for all employees across the globe. We encourage our employees to both live and work at their best. Bonuses, generous time off, paid sabbaticals, stock options and perks such as on site fitness centers, private transportation and continuing learning opportunities culminate in a workplace where we can thrive together. Here’s what some of our employees in Munich, Germany had to say about the amazing benefits Intel provides.

Malcolm P, Software Engineer

malcom.jpg“When it comes to Intel’s benefits, I like the idea of small sacrifices now for large gains in the future. Examples of these are the Stock Purchase Plan or the sabbatical possibilities, where you are rewarded for having a little bit of patience.”

Birgit S, Design System Architect

birgit.png“Direct sharing of Intel stocks and, given my own experience, Intel’s social support are both benefits that especially appeal to me.”

Stella C, Analog Engineer

stella.jpg“Intel is a really great place to work! I am a frequent user of the discounted shopping products and sports event tickets.”

Susanne E, Application Engineer

susanne.png“As an international company the idea of working in another country for a certain time or even being able to move permanently is very appealing.”

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