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Life and Work at Intel Germany: Developing Your Career at Intel

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Developing a long lasting career with any tech company might seem like a dead idea these days. Here at Intel, we believe in investing in our workforce and developing their skills so they can experience many different roles all within our company. Whether it’s trying out several different job functions at the same site, or expanding your horizons to try working at other site locations around the world: You have options when you work at Intel.

Don’t believe this? Then listen to what our employees in Germany have to say about their career development stories at Intel. Some started as interns, some in traditional roles, but all of their stories demonstrate that we are one company with many possibilities.

Guenther H, Engineering Manager, Tools & Environment


“I started as a software engineer and, in my heart, that’s still what I am. In the first years of my career, while I was developing code for our products, I was always complaining and nagging about the development tools and environments. One day a new team was founded to focus on development environments and my boss told me: ‘What if you stopped complaining and started doing something about this?’ And that’s when I moved into the tools and environment domain, where I still am today.

“I joined this group not much more than a year ago but I never really got treated like the “new guy.” People were really welcoming and gave me the feeling that they appreciate my work and contributions. I like this welcoming and collaborative culture.”

Carlos L, Hardware Engineer, Transportation Solutions Division

Carlos.jpg“I started working for Intel over 10 years ago as an Intern at Intel Massachusetts. From that internship, I have progressed in my career, working as a Hardware Engineer for Silicon Validation Platforms in Oregon, and for the last 4+ years in the automotive group in Germany. Working in Germany has been one of the most exciting experiences that I have had professionally and personally. The interesting thing is that although I was open to the idea of working in Europe I was not looking for an international assignment when the opportunity became available to cover for a colleague’s paternity leave there in a 6 month assignment. My family and I enjoyed life in Germany so much during that temporary assignment that we then decided to extend our stay. Now, we have lived in Germany for about 5 years and we are still enjoying life here.”

Ajanta M, Modem and Platform Software Manager, Modem and Platform Software Group

“I have been working at Intel since 2012. On my first day of work, I found a bouquet of flowers placed on my desk – welcome gesture from a dear colleague. This culture of inclusion has nurtured me and my career over the last 6 years. I started as firmware developer in USB, was trusted to lead execution in USB and since early this year have taken on a challenging role of Project XFT Lead for our team.”

Anna M, Product Roadmap and Strategy, RF And PMIC Development Group

anna.jpg“I perceive Intel as a company of opportunities and chances that you need to be able to identify and take as they come along. I have been blessed with fantastic managers who were open for career conversations and supportive enough to identify the best positions for me, while offering stretch assignments and always challenging me to step up and not shy away from difficult decisions and discussions. There are a lot of people around you who are interested in your progression and your strengths.

One of the highlights of my career at Intel was going to China for three years to work in a completely different culture and job scope. In that assignment, I was able to gain exposure to new management types and multiple teams at Intel, as well as have direct contact with customers in a market of more than 1 billion people. It was definitely a pivotal moment for my career.”

Interested in starting a career working on some of the most leading edge technology on the market? Visit our career page today to see current openings at Intel Germany, and start a conversation with our recruiters to see the possibilities that could await you!
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