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Life and Work at Intel Germany: Flexibility as Key to a Healthy Work Life Balance

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Among Intel’s greatest benefits to employees is flexibility. From family leave to working from home, Intel offers employees the flexibility they need to achieve a healthy work life balance. Hear what employees from Munich, Germany, have to say about the flexibility offered to them while working at Intel.

Simona Bernardi, Technical Staff Hardware Engineer

simona.png"I like the time flexibility and the ability to work from home. I have two young kids, and the hours I work depend on their needs. So I work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and then I take care of my family and start working again when the kids are sleeping, around 9 p.m. It was very easy to negotiate these hours with my manager. Also, it’s always possible to work from home when kids are sick and there is no quick backup solution. These are key points for women and should be highlighted.”

Carlos Lopez, Hardware Engineer

Carlos.jpg“The work-life balance is great at Intel Germany. I became a father for the first time while working at Intel Germany and the employee benefits offered me the opportunity to have a 2-month paternity leave in addition to my yearly 31 vacation days. I spent one month introducing my daughter to my family in the US and another month traveling in Europe with my wife and daughter. The bonding time with my daughter was a very unique experience that I will always cherish.”

Anna Miskiewicz, Product Roadmap and Strategy

There are busy times and you have to get the work done, but you are able to balance it out when you need time for your family. The flexibility we get here in defining when we work and how we work – as long as we’re able to deliver results – is unprecedented.”

You define success as having a good work life balance? Then make use of the flexibility Intel gives its employees. Check out our current openings in Germany now and connect with a recruiter today to talk about your career opportunities.
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