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Life and Work at Intel Germany: Personality and Fun at Intel in Munich

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Our employees work hard, but that doesn’t mean there are no moments of fun. From shrines to games our employees are also friends who know how to have a good time. Here are three things we do at our campus in Munich, Germany that show how we bring our real selves to work.

1 - We have a shrine in the office.
“We have a shrine in the office. It’s fantastic and makes sure our code is always great.” -Malcolm P, Software Engineer

2 - We give back to our community.

“Every year around Christmas, Intel Germany organizes ‘Raining Presents,’ a program in which Employees get a chance to fulfill a hand-written Christmas wish from a child from the local Orphanage. True to the giving spirit of Christmas, this program is one of the many ways Intel connects to the local culture and its people.”
-Ajanta M, Modem & Platform Software Manager

3 - We always find a way to talk – also using sounds.

“Working for Intel has given me the opportunity to live and work in Germany. There is a long list of anecdotes that I have been fortunate to experience by living in a place that has a different culture to that where I grew up. Moving here without speaking a word of German has certainly created funny situations such as me asking for the kind of meat I am trying to buy at the market by making specific animal sounds and pointing. Perhaps there was an easier way to do it, but sometimes you go with the first idea that comes to mind.”
-Carlos L, Hardware Engineer

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