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Life and Work at Intel Germany: What it’s Like to Have an Impact

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GER-MUN-Josef-Hagn-Portrait-03.jpgWorking at Intel gives you the chance to impact the whole world through the technology you are bringing to life.  Intel’s cutting-edge technologies impact today’s and future’s societies worldwide and change the way we interact with each other every day our employees from Munich, Germany, had to say about the affect their work has on the world, and how they contribute to change and improvement in their communities.

Dan Z Software Developer

GER-MUN-Dan-Zeng-Portrait-02.jpg“When you go out or see friends, you likely see people using smart phones which contain the chipset we developed and delivered. In most of the country, people use smartphones every day, and some say they couldn’t live without them. I am proud that our products have such an impact on the lifestyles of human beings all over and make their lives easier. Today, smartphones are used for communicating, taking and editing photos, doing mobile payment. I am proud that our products change the lifestyle of humans and make their lives easier.”

Malcolm P, Software Engineer

malcom.jpg“Intel is constantly striving to push the boundaries of computing, making everyday tasks faster and easier, and that’s a good thing, right? It’s also great to see Intel branching out and trying different things, like our push toward developing smarter cars, which would be a good thing to help reduce congestion in cities. As for my current role, it’s all in the name of helping people watch cat videos faster.”

Joseph H, RF Engineer

GER-MUN-Josef-Hagn-Portrait-03.jpg“Our group works on providing solutions for the next generation of mobile networks (5G), which will probably change the way we interact with each other and the world around us.”

Guenther H, Engineering Manager

“I strongly believe that getting Autonomous Cars on the road will change the world. My grandpa died in a car accident when I was only few years old. As a result, so I only remember him from old pictures. All the technology we are going to put into the vehicles will make driving safer, while at the same time increasing flexibility by enabling autonomous taxis and other services.”

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