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Life and Work at Intel Germany – Working in a diverse environment

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Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of Intel’s culture. After all, how do you know you are exploring the best ideas if everyone contributing is coming from the same background and lines of thought? That’s why we do more than talk about having a diverse workforce, we live it. That means welcoming people of all walks of life to our locations, but also taking the opportunity to be the outsider experiencing other cultures or mindsets in different regions. Here’s what some of our employees in Munich, Germany, had to say about the culture and goals of inclusivity at Intel.

Ajanta M

“I am proud that I am part of a group which is so diverse in nature – my colleagues come from different parts of the world, are of different age groups and have quite unique outlook towards work and life – and yet can function together organically. They are what makes coming to work every day exciting for me.”

Anna M

“Intel culture embraces the differences that drive innovation. It’s an open-minded and inclusive environment that, in my view, is essential to reinventing yourself in the fast-paced technology world.”

Guenther H

Guenther.png The different backgrounds of Guenther’s colleagues help them to develop solutions by thinking outside of the box.

“Our team is a crowd of diverse engineers with different backgrounds, which has proven to be an advantage, as we have so many different skills in the team. This, combined with our “let’s get this done” attitude hopefully leaves a positive impression of the professionalism you can find here.”

Susanne E

susanne.png“The diversity of nationality and gender is definitely an advantage in my group. There is also a very strong sense of teamwork which I appreciate, and it is easy to get to know people, both within the team and from other groups and projects. Also, as Intel is an international company, the idea of working in another country for a certain time or even being able to move permanently is very appealing knowing that this culture of inclusivity extends to other places where you might otherwise just be a stranger.”

Interested in being part of a team where diversity is celebrated and workers are encouraged to be their true selves? Join us by searching for a new career at Intel Germany.
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