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Life and work at Intel Germany - Lending a helping hand

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Giving back to our local communities is important to us. That’s why Intel offers a global corporate volunteer program that matches volunteers with worthwhile opportunities for community service. Over the summer, Intel Duisburg employees supported this core value of giving back by volunteering at two local sites. Seventy employees participated in two volunteer activities, Partnering with Petershof Marxloh and Tafel Duisburg to Table.

At Petershof Marxloh, a social pastoral center in Germany, Intel Duisburg employees donated gently used items that were sold at a flea market fundraiser. Every week, hundreds of people visit the center for various offerings, including counseling, daily lunch, a clothing store, and various programs for children and adolescents. Marxloh is affected by growing poverty, therefore, there is always a lack of household items, children’s clothing, equipment, and toys.

Elina Marinova-Andelkovic, an Intel firmware engineer who volunteered at Partnering with Petershof finds that volunteering gives her a great sense of purpose. She said, “Volunteer work is a way for me to be active for causes I find important, to help, and to give back. It lets me meet people who think similarly, often shows me a different way of life, and takes me out of my day-to-day routine. As a mother I am very passionate for causes related to children. Helping even in simple things can do a lot. Small steps are enough to encourage others to join and to change something.”

photo2.jpgAt Tafel Duisburg, a food bank in Germany, Intel Duisburg partnered with EDEKA Duisburg-Neudorf to collect food donations from local shoppers. All food donations collected were donated to the over 150 families who utilize Tafel Duisburg daily, along with the 15 schools, kindergartens, and social institutions they support weekly. Forty-five large crates were filled with food that will go to those in need. “We get a lot from this world, the service to others is the payback,” Intel business operations specialist Umar Hyatt said of his time volunteering.

The health of local economies—especially those where our employees live and work—is critical for our shared success. We partner with our neighbors and other stakeholders to build meaningful relationships so that we can continuously learn, develop, and improve.

Are you interested in having an employer that gives back to your community? Visit our Germany Career Page to see all the opportunities available to join our teams and start giving back.
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