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Life and work at Intel Germany – Our Technological Focus

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Intel is synonymous with exciting technology: from the latest in AI and Automated Driving to powerful servers and 5G connectivity, we are developing the systems to power a new era. But don’t just take our word for it! We went out and asked some of our employees at our site in Munich, Germany what they were excited to be working on. Here are just some of their responses:

5G Connectivity


Anna works on the 5G Connectivity. To find out more on Intel’s work in this area, click here.

Anna M: “When it comes to the technologies we develop, enabling cellular connectivity is pivotal for the acceleration of the global economy and improving lives of people around the world. Thanks to this technology, even if you are far away from home, you can connect to your loved ones, manage your errands, see people and places and even connect via video. And the 5G technology we are working on is only going to make that even better.”

Stella C: “In particular, with the development of our 5G products, everything from the way we travel, to how we work, provide healthcare, manufacture goods, produce food and much more will directly be improved. It’s incredible to know the work you are doing will have such a broad impact.”

Autonomous Driving


Guenther makes the streets a safer place by working on Autonomous Driving technologies.

Guenther H: “I strongly believe that getting Autonomous Cars on the road will change the world. My grandpa died in a car accident when I was only few years old, so I only remember him from old pictures. All the technology we are going to put into the vehicles will make driving safer, while at the same time increasing flexibility by enabling autonomous taxis and other services.”

Carlos L: “People rely heavily on car transportation; it sets the stage for their routines and often the tone for their day. The Transportation Solutions Division (TSD), which I work in, has a direct impact on the In-vehicle experience that people have when using cars that utilize our designs, and therefore in their daily routine. Anything from their audio experience, navigation, passenger video entertainment or even how their personal media is seamlessly connected with the car system is impacted by the work done at TSD.”



Tobias dedicates his work to the next Airborne Revolution. Check out Intel’s development of drones here.

Tobias: "Being part of this huge apparatus makes me one of the small but important gears that help to keep the world moving and on track."

Are you interested in bringing the next giant leaps in tech to life? Visit our Germany Career Page to see all the opportunities available working with some of our hottest innovations in the DACH region! Together, we can create amazing experiences.

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