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Making Strides: A Personal Journey of Support and Hope

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Gina Vespi, Executive Administrator for the Strategic Alliance Office, and Co-Chair of the walk, has been an integral part of the American Cancer Society Event Leadership Team for Making Strides. With a personal connection to the cause, Gina's dedication to making a difference is fueled by love, resilience, and a strong sense of community.

A Personal Journey

For Gina, the cause hits close to home as both her mother and aunt have been impacted by cancer. Her mother's diagnosis in September 2020 ignited a fire within Gina to take action and support those affected by this relentless disease. While her aunt celebrates seven years of being cancer-free, Gina's mother continues to bravely fight, supported by an incredible medical team and a positive attitude. It is through their journeys she draws strength and inspiration for Making Strides today.

For the past two years and counting, Gina and her team's involvement with Making Strides has been nothing short of remarkable. This year's event in Cary, North Caroline saw an impressive turnout, with 224 teams registering and 1,239 participants joining hands for the cause. Among them were 198 survivors. "The energy at the walk was palpable. Being there to celebrate the survivors and thrivers is what made this event so special, " as she describes it.

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The Power of Community

In addition to the walk, Gina and the Intel SMG Lenovo account team embraced the spirit of community by sponsoring a photobooth. With approximately 22 local employees and their families in attendance, the team's active participation and donations left a positive impact on the community.

"I believe that kindness, compassion and doing things for others is what life is all about and I am grateful to work for a company who encourages us to give back to our community. I am also grateful for my colleagues and friends on the Lenovo account team for showing up and supporting this amazing organization!"

Making Strides is more than just a walk; it is a journey of hope, resilience, and unwavering support. Gina Vespi's personal connection to the cause fuels her dedication to making a difference, but it is the support of her colleagues, year after year, that makes this event what it truly is.